Saturday, January 17, 2009

and.... Cue the Tears

I've always been an easy mark for a tear-jerker.
Not just movies. I cry at TV commercials.

In the 80s it was the AT&T ads where the son called home from college, and he could hear dad taking the dog out for a walk, his little sister opening the fridge for study snack - missing the sounds of home. Awww.

The Folger's ad at Christmas where 'Peter' comes home just before dawn, starts the coffee and wakes up the house. Mom is at the foot of the stairs before she notices... "Peter!"
They still play it and it still gets me. I'm tearing up just writing it.

Even the predictably sappy scenes on TV shows get me. My lip quivered at the end of almost every "7th Heaven" episode - where somebody learned something important about human nature.

I think I once even held back tears during an episode of "FamilyGuy" ~ not really known for it's sentimentality ya know.

There's a new commercial on TV. I think it's from Gerber. It features a montage of new moms holding their newborns close and saying modified wedding vows... "I promise to hold you, to love you, to care for you... "

And then came the tears.
But this time, not tears of a warm heart touched by sentimentality.
No. These were tears that stung with the pain of ... taunting?
And not just tears. Sobbing. The sort of sobbing that accompanies heartbreak.

It was as if the ad was saying... "Look. Everyone gets married and has babies. Everybody. It's just so common. Well, everyone but you."

It really feels like they just created the ad to show off.
Everybody gets one. Doesn't matter if they are smart or healthy or even good parents. Pop pop pop, any idiot can have a child. Now aren't you proud of them?
Oh... you didn't get yours? Let us check our files... hmmm... no - you don't get one. Maybe not for a while... maybe not ever... but look... look at all the sweet babies everyone else gets to have.

I've only seen the ad once - and I hope I never see again.
It hurts too much.


Ronnica said...

Along the same lines, I sometimes see families at church and think, "You make it look so easy." Not the mothering/wifing thing, but the finding a husband/having a kid thing.

As far as crying at things, Scrubs gets me every time. It's why I enjoy the show so much: it makes me laugh a lot, but always makes me cry at the end when they bring things down to real-life.

erinannie said...

Oh how I know what you mean.
(Ooh, and Ronnica, I know what you mean about Scrubs. When they get painfully real, they get PAINFULLY real. Love them and hate them for that.)

Let me give you a piece of advice. Do NOT go see "Marley and Me."
It is beautifully told, written, and filmed. Which is to it's total downfall.
One of the best made movies I have ever seen. And I hope I never see it again.
You will cry so much it will HURT.
Grown men in the theater were in no hurry to get up and leave during the credits as they sniffed back the free flowing tears.
Just trust me on this one.

TRS said...

Bingo - Ronnica! I think the same thing. Like, "What'd you do, find him at Target or something?! Or did you have to go to Menards? " and even worse, sometimes I feel like, "What makes you so special that you get a husband? I'm sure I'm just as special as you."
Followed by: "Does he have a brother?!"

And ErinAnnie - I still want to see Marley & Me - don't worry, I don't get too attached to dogs. In fact, I bet I'll be thinking, "About time. That thing was a nuisance !!"
I kid! kid!
If it were a horse though, I'd be a mess. I know I'll cry either way.

The guys on the morning radio show I listen to were talking about Marley & Me and how they sobbed like babies, but that it was justified because they could relate to the relationship with a dog.
All I could think was ... then why do you hate 'chick flicks'? Can't you relate to relationships with people?

Anonymous said...

Would like to give you a hug, for both of us. Just a while ago I got back from seeing a good friend who has been out of the country. I last saw her at her wedding & the day she left for her honeymoon and today I see her again and she has a 4 month old baby. She left me alone with her daughter while she went to take a shower. It was incredible holding her. She's so sweet.

I was there thinking, 'I want this. I would like to have a husband and a baby.' Then my mind goes to this picture of a happy husband and his baby which he adores...Now it's additionally bad, because I still can't help but have a familiar & specific face in my husband-type imaginations even though that relationship is over.

To make matters worse, at her mom's house where we were, there was a little note someone left there and I read "The average age of marriage for men is 30 and for women is 28'. I have no idea who made it and why, but there I went, thinking of how I turned 27 a few days ago and have only 1 year left to be in the norm. Sometimes I feel like my friend specifically doesn't talk about guys with me because she doesn't want me to feel bad. Ironically the first thing she asked me about today is 'that guy.' After I replied briefly she dropped it.

The whole experience didn't hurt, but it sure made me AWARE of what I don't have and don't even have a glimmer of in my life right now.

Sorry this is so long. Just wanted you to know there are more of us out there and we know it's not easy.

J said...

Well I am married and I hate that commercial too. Maybe because I don't have kids and there are issues with that. I think about the same thing, about people who aren't even going to be good parents... I don't feel sorry for myself or anything but I just get very, very annoyed.

auntie said...

oh's a hug for you sweetie!!

Anonymous said...

IM with you on some of the commericals there is one where all the babies are sleeping and they show them one by one singing let there be peace on Earth.

Another one is where the parents get a phone call from thier son over seas it's an AT&T (cry everytime)

Some of the priceless commericals can get to me too, like spending time with your friends, PRICELESS

Laura said...

TRS... I just want to reach out and hold you through this. I've learned through my own recent trials that sometimes there are no words... but there are feelings and connections, all the same. We are not of the same religion, but all the same, I am holding you in my heart and sending you all the good energy I can right now. If it does nothing but offer comfort, then it's done it's job.

Cecelia said...

First, I love that Folger's commercial! :) Also, I have been known to call home and listen to the background, it's relaxing.
I was at Costco today and there were some of the cutest little ones with their parents. It hurt to watch them, to smile at them and see them smile back, and to know that I don't get one. At least not in the foreseeable future.