Thursday, January 15, 2009

And The Winner Is...

The winner of the Selah, Timeless CD Collection is...

Lucky number 7 - Cecelia!!!!

Whoot Whoot!


{insert confetti here}

Allow me to tell you all that I prayed over all your names before clicking the random number generator button. I asked God to send this CD collection to someone who will be blessed by the message.

And how appropriate - Cecelia, one of my favorite names AND the Patron Saint of Music!!! How about that?
I can't tell you how much joy it gives me to host a giveaway like this. That whole 'tis better to give than to receive thing is so true.

Cecelia, please contact me with your shipping information by Mon ... oops that's a holiday for some folks - let's make it Tuesday, January 20th. If I don't hear from Cecelia by the end of the day on Tuesday, I'll have another go with the random number generator.

Thank you everyone for entering with a comment. It was such a delight to 'meet' all of you. I intend to stop by your blogs to get to you a little better - what fun.

And now... I'll answer a few questions:

Katie, as for secular music I like everything but rap and hip hop. From heavy metal to country, to Top 40 pop to 70s standards. Of course I have my favorites but I find that I appreciate all kinds of music - with the exception of anything that refers to women as b!tches and h*'s - or putting a cap in someone.

Which leads me to Kent's comment. I don't feel that I've lumped all Christian music into one category. Rather, I just didn't have the patience to sift through the stuff that I found unbearable. Especially when I could turn to another station and enjoy 4 out every 5 songs. Even groups that I've liked over the years couldn't take me with them to a second album.

That is what is so great about Selah. I've listened to 5 albums from this group and every song is nothing short of amazing. My only complaint is one song that uses a synthesized vocal line - but even that song is so awesome I can overlook that little bit of weirdness!!!

I really hope Cecelia enjoys this collection - and anyone who has been considering the purchase - it's well worth it! Plus you would be supporting an amazing family with a lineage of ministry. Catch up on just part of their story here... that's how I learned about Selah in the first place. What glorious souls.

Thanks for playing! Enjoy and God Bless each and every one of you!!


Gail and Keith said...

As a music lover you might find this site interesting:
I am personally acquainted with this gentleman, a member of my church. He and his wife are blessed with twin girls and are expecting another little one.


Sarah said...

So, my roommate is Cecelia. I mean the one that won this CD. Don't worry. She will be contacting you. And I can guarantee that she will be excited.