Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Single Solitary Mom

I thought of my mom today.
As I watched the Inauguration coverage it was a strange mix of thoughts.
First of all my mom is not thrilled at the transfer of power. Don't jump to conclusions - it's just that she and I can't support anyone in power who supports abortion. It makes us sick to our stomachs.
The Capitol Dome

So while I knew she probably wasn't watching the coverage because A) she was at work and B) because of how she feels - I also knew she couldn't avoid it - addicted to 24 news channels as she is. (hey - we got her to quit smoking, we gotta let her have something!)

As I watched the Inauguration, I knew each of those Washington DC landmarks saturating the screen hold meaning and memories for both of us.

In 2003, Mom and I went to visit our nation's capital together, the first time for each of us. Just the two of us.

Since then, when she watches news coverage or movies featuring DC - she has a special little thrill being able to recognize the landmarks from first hand experience.

You have to understand - my parents don't get out much.
Our childhood vacations were to the Black Hills of South Dakota - every time! Only a 6 hour drive from home.
Prior to our trip to DC the furthest she had been from her Nebraska home was Las Vegas, NV. She and dad lived 3 miles apart their whole lives and didn't meet until after High School!!

For that reason, our trip was pretty exciting. For two months before the trip she bragged to her friends that she was going to DC with her daughter. For months and months afterward... she bragged that she went to DC with her daughter!
Quite a conversation starter.
Mom on a tour of the Capitol Building - outside of which, today's Inauguration was held!
For me too - the sights of Washington DC are filled with memories of being there with my mom. Of sharing an experience we don't make the effort (or have the funds) to do more often.

Mom & Me in front of the White House. Wow my hair was short!

Also... I have to share a funny about my mom.
Something I just realized when I was home this Christmas.

Her favorite sort of comedy... slapstick!

We were scrolling through the movie options on D!sh Netw*rk and she stopped on a cheesy Ha!!mark movie. "Oh, let's watch this one! That character keeps making mistakes and ruining everything. It's so cute."

"Mom! You love slapstick! I never put it together before!"
No wonder she and dad let me watch that racy "Three's Company" when I was small! She had to see John Ritter fall all over himself each week. She wasn't going to miss it.


Anonymous said...

I too am with your Mom on this one, I couldn't watch it either, the only part I saw was President Bush waving his farewell to the capital and getting in a helicopter and that made me cry. I did that with his father as well.
I didn't want someone in the Oval office that was for abortion. IM Pro-life and I feel that if they are too young to speak for thier selves we must speak for them.
I have never been to the Capital always wanted to go while Bush was in oval office even though I know I wouldn't see him. But, he was against Aborition.
IM for your MOM!

Gail and Keith said...

Thinking of our President as a staunch supporter of abortion is a knife twister to the stomach. We must continue to speak for those who have no voice. But, look back. Prior pro-life administrations have done little for the babies. They use pro-lifers to get elected and then throw them by the wayside. At the same time, yesterday was an historic moment, a time to rejoice that our Nation has moved to a point where an African American is our President. We're not where we need to be, but I am proud and hopeful for the future. And so, we pray for our President to make wise decisions. We pray for God to bring people into his life who will lead him to the truth of respect for all of life. And, we pray for God to lead him to a place of worship that preaches the whole counsel of God. Gail

TRS said...

Gail you are right that many admistrations use the Prolife contingent to get elected - then sit on their hands.
It's hard to stomach that as well.

I do need to say that is an exciting time. I will be praying for our President, that he is given wisdom and a heart to make the right decisions to respect life.

Shan said...

I watched bits myself and though I didn't vote for him, I will also pray that he does well for our nation. I agree that it is exiting to know our country can put race aside and vote for a person. I just hope our new President can meet conservatives a little closer to the middle in his choices and actually make some headway we can agree with when it comes to the economy and education system.

I am already SO tired of people being mean to George W. I realize he made mistakes but he WAS NOT an idiot NOR was he evil!!! Arrrggh.

On a happy note, that trip sounds like a fun memory for you two! I went to NYC with my Mimsy when I turned 25 and it was just as rare an event for me the reluctant traveler. These trips are so worth making the time and saving the money for. ( I have to keep telling myself that so I'll take a family vacation this year. :)

Stacey said...

I just had to comment here because DC has become a special memory for me and my mom too! Much like your family, mine doesn't "get out" much either. We never could afford vacations when I was growing up and we pretty much never left Louisiana.
In the summer of 2007 I was able to tag along with my husband for a conference in DC. We took my mom and brother along and had the best time! My mom is the most patriotic person I know and it was her first (and I'm sure only) trip to our nation's capital. The trip has really sparked her interest in American history and she also gets giddy every time she sees the monuments on TV. She calls me and squeals, "Look Stace, we've been there!" :)

Thanks for your story and for reminding me of sharing that experience with my mom.

Love the new blog layout!

Keli said...

After high school, I spent a summer in VA staying with the family my sister nannied for. We went into DC quite a bit. In fact, we spent the 4th of July on the mall. I was always struck at the enormity of the mall, and awed at the history behind it all. (Whenever we vacation, it has to be a place with history.) Anyway, DC holds some very dear memories for me too.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how swift Obama is at enacting his pro-choice agenda. Just 2 days in office now and he has lifted the ban on funding for those abortions overseas.

I'm not American but Obama is adored here and I see in time my country will begin to move in same direction. Already they're comparing our Prime Minister against him and wishing the PM was more like president Obama