Sunday, February 04, 2007

I'm a Serial Dater

This year I enlisted my friends to help me with my New Year's Resolution.

I sent out a mass email to nearly everyone in my address book explaining that I have been alone for far too long and I clearly need some help meeting men outside my current social circle.
To do that, I've asked everyone to introduce me to one man this year.

I was afraid it smacked of desperation, until I asked a good guy friend what he thought of my email... and he replied, "No. It smacked of 'I'm serious and I'm asking for your help.'"
At least my friends know me well!

So, it's week 5 of 2007 and my friends are holding up their end of the deal. I've been introduced to three new guys so far. That's a pretty good ratio.

The first one was a pretty hot bald guy. I could be interested but he was a bit shy. Based on my interest level - pursuit would have to come from him.

Meanwhile, I went out with a guy I met on New Year's Eve... and have had a few dates with a guy I met last year.

Then the second one was last night. Also a nice guy, but my gut tells me that his redneck rural background (same as mine, but I moved to the city for a reason) is going to be a dealbreaker.

I hate to jinx anything here... but it could be ... three's a charm!

L and J had a Super Bowl Party tonight and L enlisted her hubby to invite someone for me. A guy he 'sorta' works with and whom she doesn't really know. She reported that all J would offer by way of description was, "He's cute." which concerned her as she's not sure about her husband's taste in men.

When I arrived, artichoke dip in hand... L ushered me downstairs as quickly as possible... whispering "he IS cute." and promptly made the introduction. Then she scurried back upstairs after witnessing our reactions and told J, "I think we made a love connection."

Ha! Let's not get ahead of ourselves! But here's the ranking... Catholic.. (youngest of 8 children) Engineer... kinda cute... VERY NICE ! We had an instant... "Hey, I like you" sort of rapport, and spent a lot of time talking.

I left in the fourth quarter for another party - he got my number and told me that he's excited that I'm Catholic... it's really important to him.

Hmmm. I think this will be the first practicing Catholic that I've ever dated. Check that, he won't call until later next week. Has a work trip.

But when I left the party L made a point of saying... "Invite us to the wedding!" Ha! Way to jinx it L!

At any rate, a lot of people teased me that I'd be the serial dater... but I have stressed that the goal is to eliminate the need for introductions as soon as possible!

I'm aiming for summer. But sooner is better.