Saturday, June 22, 2013

One Hour Photo

It's not very often that, as a single woman, you meet someone who seems to be just what you've been looking for.
Someone with a strong faith life, a strong work ethic and who is fun to spend time with, to laugh with... who you're also attracted to.  Wait. What? That happens?

I embarked on a blissful few weeks of dating... with a gentleman who is indeed all gentleman, opening doors, planning great dates, making me all smiley and happy. And oh, the laughter!

We had plans for Saturday, after he got back from an errand in a neighboring town, and after I had a massage appointment. I was with friends at a farmers market, when he texted asking if we could meet any earlier than our planned 5:00. I needed a shower after my 1:30 massage and I didn't see that I could be ready before 4:00. My friend thought it was so sweet that he wanted to see me sooner. Aww.
We ended up having a great date that night. Learning more about each other and laughing together.

Then, after our Saturday date, I had a bad vibe on Sunday when he didn't text me his usual greeting. By the end of work on Monday, he still hadn't followed up... and my bad vibe got worse when someone asked me how it was going with him. I thought I just had to guard my heart a bit rather than allow myself to get too excited.  ( good tips from The Veil of Chastity)

Then that night he emailed me, saying how much he enjoyed getting to know me, how I was clearly a smart, faithful, beautiful Catholic woman, just as he's been looking for...  He even said he doesn't find a single fault in me. But that he prayed in adoration, and it was revealed to him that we should not pursue a relationship together.

Seriously? You get answers just like that? As if God runs One Hour Photo? I don't know about anyone else, but God doesn't answer my prayers instantaneously. At best, I see His answers in hindsight. I think most of us do.

Dear sir, I think you're putting your own fears on God, because you're too scared of the answers. Too scared to really put your heart out there and see what happens.

And an email? That's no better than a post-it note! And I thought you were a gentleman.

Funny thing is, when I think about it, for that hour after work when I felt the lack of confidence about what I thought he felt... I'm quite certain that was the hour he was in adoration.
And it took him the rest of the evening to compose that email. He said himself, he labored over making sense of what he had to say. No wonder... When in the same breath you say how I'm everything you're looking for, but you're going to pass.

I don't know, but a woman would never do that. A woman would see the gift and ask God for support. Because God doesn't run one hour photo!