Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Yeah, like I said...

This second job has become way more trouble than it's worth.

As I was explaining the latest point of drama to Mr. Burns he reiterated his position, "I really think you should quit. I hate for you to be miserable."

"I know," I replied. "I will. But I kind of enjoy complaining about it."

"Yes. Like I said, you really need to quit."

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Or - he's in trouble with his wife

Just one of the many hilarious quotes found on http://www.overheardinnewyork.com/

No More Montessori School for You, Young Lady

Mom - about man on train with flowers: Awww, he has flowers. They're probably for his girlfriend.
Eight-year-old daughter: Mom, you never know! They could be for a boy.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Big Day 'O Fun -or- How to Get World Series Tickets

11:10 am
I’ve been on the internet for about an hour and 10 minutes… trying to get the server to work in my favor and grant me tickets to Game 5 of the World Series to be held here in Denver.

The sale opened at 10:00am and from 10 to 11:00 I kept getting kicked off the server.

The local news came on at 11:00. They were live with two computer geeks who have had just as much success as I. That - at least- is reassuring.
The news team asked for viewers to email or call and share their success stories. No success stories – everyone it seems - is in my boat.
Apparently, no one has managed to get tickets by the end of the newscast at Noon.

Forty minutes later, the station breaks in with a live news conference with the Rockies Communications Director. The server had 8 million hits in the first 40 minutes. The server is down. They managed to sell 17 tickets!!! This is brilliant!

Oh, they were confident that their server could handle the volume of traffic today. Really? REALLY?!! You thought your server could handle 8 million hits in less than an hour?!?!?!?! Is there anyone who uses a computer on your staff?

Personally, I don’t know squat about computers. I believe the internet is wonderful, mysterious and somewhat magical… but even I am fairly certain that I wouldn’t have counted on any server to handle the volume for World Series ticket sales!!

Now, please realize that the internet is the only option for tickets. Uh huh. Brilliant. No standing in line at the stadium for tickets. No. It’s more fair, they say, that everyone battle the same dragon (a slayed server in this case).

Luckily, I have the day off.


I’ve been cycling through the links to get on the server… and finally, I’m in the updating hold page. Could this mean the server is back up?

I’ve managed to stay on the server. I haven’t been kicked off since prior to 1:20. I’m on a countdown screen that I can only assume will take me to ticket sales once there’s an opening.
Or, I’m wasting my time and have lost my chance.

The local news station said they’d break in when the server is back up… and they haven’t. But I’m staying on the screen assuming that I’m holding my place in line.

Why is this so important? It’s not really. But I figure attending a World Series Game in your own city is pretty much a Once-In-A-Lifetime deal.
And I imagine most other people have had to get back to their jobs, so I may actually have a shot at winning Best Girlfriend Ever.

Update: The website didn't bother to inform any of us that the server crashed. So I apparantly wasted several hours trying to do the impossible.
The next day, Mr. Burns tried. No tickets. But the Rocks can barely get a hit anyway so...

Saturday, October 13, 2007

How Can I Keep From Singing?

Well, being choked with tears makes it hard!

Last Sunday Mr. Burns and I went to Mass at his Church so he could lector.
I really enjoy attending Mass with him - something I couldn't do with other men that I've dated.

We are both susceptible to being very moved by the music - so when the choir announced the last song of the mass, "How Can I Keep from Singing" I broke into a broad smile and whispered, "This is a good one, but I can't get through it without crying."

Now, Mr. Burns suffers the same affliction with other songs so he understood. But I barely made it to "lamentation" only the 10th word in the song! and already my eyes were welled up!

My life flows on in endless song
Above earth's lamentation

Mr. Burns glanced at me and soon there were streams down his face! I elbowed him and asked, "Why are you crying?" And as we both wiped tears away, suddenly we couldn't control our laughter. People must have thought we were nuts!

Later he told me that just seeing me react to the strong emotion of the song set him off and he couldn't help it.
Now I wonder if the next time the choir fires that song up.... whether I'll cry or laugh!

This is my favorite line....

No storm can shake my inmost calm,
While to that rock I'm clinging.
Since love is lord of heaven and earth
How can I keep from singing?

And that's usually where I lose it - at the refrain.
It's so beautiful, I want it played at my funeral.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Tough on him?

At what point to standards become too tough - or too loose? Just how far should you go to accept another's shortcomings, or go to lengths to make up for them?

There's a 20 year old woman at my new job - who just got promoted to manager of another location. I only just met her and she seems to be good at her job, takes things seriously and so forth at least as far as work is concerned.

Since the sudden promotion has her working at a new location the plan she and her new boyfriend had in place to work in the same area and share a car is now defunct.

Three of us women were discussing it, she said her BF thinks she should take the bus to her new job and he'll take the car. She explained that the logistics actually make it easier for him to take public transport - and our manager emphasized that as part of the promotion - she has an obligation and expectation to be at work on time, and able to travel between stores.

When the fact that it was HER car came up - I declared no contest - she gets to take the car! When she mentioned they've only been dating (never mind KNOWN each other) for two months... I said, "Forget it... he doesn't even get KEYS to the car!"

Well, tonight I met the BF. He seems to be a good enough guy - as young as she is... and as it came up that they are living together he said to me, "I'm sure you'd have the same thing to say about it as everyone else."

Yeah, he's right. Never mind that I would never live with a man I wasn't married to - but AFTER two months?!?!!? Are ya kidding? I didn't want to be preachy, so I didn't even mention that Mr. Burns and I have been dating nearly 8 months and haven't even slept together.

I did say that I've never lived with a man - and wouldn't unless he were my husband. He replied, "Well yeah, at your age." I don't even know what that means!

My real concern is what happened at the end of our shift. I had been practicing with the camera and took several photos of her. There were some she didn't want him to see -- he grabbed her wrists. When she broke free, he grabbed the camera by the lens - and that's when my instinct took over.
"Hey! Never forceably grab a camera by the lens! I'm trained to protect a camera and I'll take you down." I tried to use a kidding voice, but I meant to make my feelings clear about forceable grabbing - and respect - mostly in association with people but using the camera as an example.

I think they both just decided I was a hard*ss - so I backed off a bit.

She was closing up the shop for the evening and he kept horsing around, which I think is inappropriate for work. (but I'm 37 and they're 20 so I tried to account for the difference) He grabbed her wrists a couple more times while horseplaying - but now it has me concerned.

Grabbing someone's wrists is the easiest way to make them powerless. I find it disturbing that he's so quick to do such a thing. Am I just being an old fart?

Anyway, back to the question at the top of this post.
The day after I told this girl that she - no contest - gets the car and that he shouldn't even have a set of keys - she reported telling him that I would have dumped him already!
I realized then that I must have come off a bit gruff.

But I also told Mr. Burns about it and he agrees with me... no way does that loser get the keys! Mr. Burns took it a step further, saying she's setting herself up to get used. If he asks for the world and you give him that and the moon, why should he stop there?

The more I think about explaining this, the more I hear all those voices that told me throughout the years (when I said I wouldn't put up with this, and I wouldn't put up with that...) "Well, that's why you're alone. That's why you don't have a boyfriend."

Really? Is it worth it to accept disrespect and lousy treatment just to have a guy to smooch on? I think that's just an excuse that gets lousy guys laid. People who don't hold themselves to high standards don't want to be compared to those who do, now do they?

Hmmm. I'm rather proud of the fact that my standards were too high to settle for a man who would use me or take advantage of me. Whether it was about a car, cash or sex... I've always expected more of a man.

I just want to plant a seed with this young woman (who is clearly in the twitterpaited stage of this relationship and eager to please) that it's okay to expect repect. She deserves it. She should be getting something out of this relationship too.

Thoughts? Am I fuddyduddy? Am I making too much of his grabbing?

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Talk About a Strange Favor!!

Let me start by explaining that most of my friends know about my interest in photography. A few have asked me to shoot their engagement pictures or weddings and they tell me they are happy with the results.
So I'm not too surprised when someone asks for a photo favor, and typically I'm happy to do it.

Yesterday a good guy friend emails me asking for a favor. When I call to find out what, he explains that a friend of his is celebrating her 40th birthday soon and their mutual friend is organizing a group gift. It seems most of these friends are rather athletic and have these sports and activities in common. So they are making a photo calendar of each of the guys with their sporting equipment... nekkid!!! ... with strategically obscured body parts!!!

What a great idea! Yes, this guy is asking me to photograph him nekkid. He was appropriately uncomfortable with the question and explained that he spent some time deliberating over who to ask to do it! He was fairly sure I'd be willing, and appropriately discreet (so don't look for the results here later!)

He's a cyclist - so I'm wondering just how we'll obscure the goods. The other part of the equation is that, although I'm willing to take this on... I think it's only fair to run it by Mr. B (though I think from now on I'll call him Mr. Burns). I was quite certain that Mr. Burns would be fine with it - but in the event that he's not - he should be given the opportunity to ask me NOT to spend time with a nekkid guy.

So, I ran it by him. His response? "That doesn't bother me. Just don't turn this into a career in pornography. And if you do... I want a cut!"

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Going Strong

Wow. It's been quite a while since I've been able to post. That whole change to a Gmail account caused a snafu for me. Apparently I'm the only one. Figures.

So. My last post was about meeting guy number three. He quickly broke ranks and is now my number one guy!! (Second to God of course)
It's been seven months and I'm just so happy to have him in my life.

My advice to anyone out there still waiting to find love... don't give up. Don't compromise your standards. In fact, raise those standards!! You'll be amazed by what God has in store for you! God is so good and He knows exactly what we need. Sometimes it takes a while for Him to get it all together.

About a month ago I noticed that Mr. B (I guess that's what I'll call him here) seemed to be getting a bit uncomfortable as he seemed to think that I had this relationship all wrapped up. I know that he needs time to evaluate everything. I was right. He told me that it freaks him out a little that I seem so sure. I had to explain that appearances can be decieving.

I told him that I spent YEARS praying for God to make me ready for the man who will be my husband... and in turn to make him ready for me. Clearly preparing a man for me is no easy task, as it took the Good Lord.... He who created the heavens and earth in seven days... 36.5 years to get a man ready for me!

Regardless, after all that prayer and many, many years and no husband as of yet, I decided to cut a deal with God. Hands clenched in prayer, I bargained with God; "If you don't have a husband for me, or if it's going to take still more time to prepare him for me... can I at least have a boyfriend?"

I was just so weary of being alone! I am blessed with many wonderful friends, male and female... and I keep quite busy keeping up and catching up with everyone. Still, I was just so tired of coming home to an empty condo. I wanted so badly to have someone to talk to at the end of the day. It came down to finding a boyfriend or getting a cat. I'm allergic to cats.

So I asked God for a boyfriend if my husband wasn't ready. Continuing my prayer I said, "Even if we date for years and never get married! I just can't be alone any more! I know that I'm still asking for a very special man. Someone who has strong faith. Someone who will understand that sex is for marriage, and in respect to that, won't pressure me like these men I have been dating. They're wearing me down God, and I know you don't want that."

I had to tell Mr. B this story of my prayer life. And I did so in tears - which surprised me more than it did him.

I told him not to get too comfortable or worried about my feeling sure about things. The fact is Mr. B, I don't know which prayer you are the answer to!!

You and God together will have to show me.