Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy New Year!!!!

Well this was a good one!
Normally, I’m as excited about New Years as I am about Valentine’s Day. In my book, they are both ‘let down’ holidays. Both aimed at couples, and destined to leave a single woman disappointed.
But this New Year’s Eve was the best in a long time.

It certainly didn’t start out that way. I had been dating a guy for 3 months, and we broke up the week before Christmas. That was fine. I was going to do it if he didn’t. The only thing was, he wasn’t even clear about breaking up, but that’s another story.
Even more critical, is that before I went home for Christmas, I had New Years Eve plans as a couple. But as new years approached, I had no plans.

On Friday, I called a few friends and explained my situation. I just didn’t want to sit at home alone. I was more concerned that people would think that I simply didn’t PLAN! At least my excuse led to understanding and M got me invited to a party at a downtown loft. Of course the party turned out to be right next door to ExBF’s friends who have more money than God – a fantastic loft - and were also throwing a party. So I knew I would see ExBF.

When I got to the first party, ExBF’s friend, A was already there, borrowing a few CDs from her neighbor. I took the opportunity to break it to her that we broke up, we talked for a little while and she asked if I was going to join them at midnight to watch the fireworks from their balcony (better view – the whole party was supposed to go over there) I asked if it would be okay, comfort level-wise and she insisted that I join them.

So at about 10:30 my girlfriends and I migrated over for dancing and a better view of the fireworks. There I was, enjoying a penthouse view of the fireworks from their wrap around patio... peering down on the common folk on the street below watching the fireworks from the ground. I’ll admit, I felt a bit superior!

After midnight, I went out on the balcony again to look for ExBF. I wanted to at least wish him a happy new year. The second I was outside he came toward me, from a distance. I stood there, looking fabulous and smiling at him as he approached, and we shared a big hug. He acknowledged that he handled the break-up badly, and that A took it harder than the two of us combined!

I managed to have a fun New Year’s Eve. I got the acknowledgement that I wanted about the breakup. Put a nice little bow on top. And I’m starting the New Year with a fresh slate. Couldn’t ask for more.