Saturday, January 03, 2009

Changing His Ways

Here's a little update to the My Dad, the Non-Consumer story I posted before Christmas.

My parents' wedding anniversary is two days after Christmas - just to add to the stress level. Thankfully, they have long ago given up any exchange of gifts to celebrate their anniversary.

So when I arrived home on the 23rd, I was surprised when my dad asked me to pick up something for mom. He got an idea to buy mom a lovely nightgown and give it to her for an anniversary gift. (Not sure why that seemed like the ideal gift - I think he just doesn't like her comfy flannel gown.)

On Christmas Eve day, my nieces wanted to go over to town for some last minute shopping. Dad needed a haircut - so I asked him to come with us.

The four of us were in a store I shall not name (because I hate it) and Miss Bug pointed out a display of Poinsettias and told her Grandpa that Grandma had mentioned that she'd like one. (My mom loves Poinsettias - after all the church was filled with them on her wedding day.)

Dad was feeling generous or inspired or something else that we rarely see, and set off to find the most perfect of the picked over poinsettias. "I'll tell her that's all she's getting." He joked.

Then we moved on to JCPe&&ey - it's a very small town, not much store selection - and the girls went with me to look for a night gown for mom, since I know what type of nightie she prefers to sleep in.
Dad followed and didn't like any of my suggestions.

"Don't they have something furry?"
Um. eh. oh. Bug and I exchanged looks.
Then I asked Dad, "You want something sexy?"
They've been married for 48 years people! I didn't want to think about that!

"No!" He laughed. Shrugged off the suggestion, then indicated something made of light fleece. It had a pattern worked in, similar to burned out velvet.

Oh whew! Just a confusion over furry and fuzzy. Bug and I were relieved. She's 14 and didn't need the images we were trying to block. Her big sister, The Champ is 18 years old and was busy texting and acting disinterested so she missed most of the exchange.

Bug and Champ chose the color and off we went.

Dad and I arrived home to find Mom in the kitchen. Of course she noticed the poinsettia in his hands right away.
"For me?"
"Yep. I thought you might like it."
"Oh! I love you I love you I love you!" Mom squealed. "That just made my day."

I think it made her year! My mom rarely squeals.
My parents aren't terribly affectionate. Like not at all. So this was really something to witness.
And it speaks to the importance of speaking each other's love language. Seriously. An $8 poinsettia - that's all it took. And of course the thought behind it.

I snuck the nightgown parcel into my bedroom, wrapped it and hid it until the morning of their anniversary.
Another surprise.
Mom was shocked to get a gift. Later, I explained that it was all Dad's idea, and that he had specific ideas about just what to get. The information made it all the more important to her.

After 48 years of pleading ignorance about gifts and shopping, things are taking a surprising and sweet turn.

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Bobbi said...

That's too cute! Your parents sound like mine, except my dad would actually prefer my mom in something furry! And see through.