Thursday, January 22, 2009

Go Get a Hanky

Meet Logan. The wisest little man you will ever be blest to hear.

Man that little kid touched me. He is close in age to my nephew Shiny, and I can picture Shiny in the same situation. I was blubbering my friends. Blubbering.

I hope you can relate to the farm and ranch reference. I know it's hard to imagine, but it's the reality of farm life. The situation he describes is real to me because that is what I grew up with - I can picture his description as if he's talking about the farm where I spent my first 18 years.

I hope Logan speaks to you.

Please watch the video before you read on:

There is really no need for me to add to this... but you know me... I never can shut up!

Luckily, as a girl on the farm, I was spared the chore that Logan faced. I know my dad and my brother had to do it. Many times. It's not easy. I know that my older nephew, Crash couldn't do it. Shiny probably hasn't been there yet - he's only 10.

But God knows the pain. He had to do it too. He did it first. God is so strong. So wise. So good.

My dad once sent a teen aged Crash to take care of runt pig. The barn there is situated on a hill downwind from our house. It's a short little hike to get to that barn, but dad realized that Crash was gone a long time. Dad finally went to check on the situation, and found Crash holding the gun, wiping away tears. He couldn't do it.

I guess I share this experience because that is the moment in Logan's story that sends tears down my face each time I listen to it. What a difficult thing to do. In all my years, I never once made the connection that Logan made.

Thank you Lord for speaking to Logan. For making him brave enough to share what you taught him! Lord, you do fine work.


Ronnica said...

Hey, TRS, you have something on my blog! ;)

Bobbi said...

Poor kid. I could never do what he did.

What an awesome message! I think we all tend to forget that from time to time.

Anonymous said...

It was so encouraging to hear him say, "God understands. He will always understand." I need to remember that.