Thursday, January 01, 2009

Who Doesn't Like to Dress Up?

I met some friends for dinner on New Years Eve. One of us is a New Years Baby - it's not me - and while that guarantees there is always a party on her birthday it doesn't mean it's always for her. We try to make sure it's special.

It's New Years after all so I wore something sparkly, and something shiny, and something with staggeringly high heels. I also coaxed my hair into curls.

When I entered the restaurant my friend exclaimed and announced that I looked fabulous! Yay me.

We talked about how as we're getting older, we prefer a low-key New Years Eve. But -I clarified- low-key does NOT include not dressing up. Agreement was unanymous.
I explained that last year Mr. Burns and I split the evening between my crowd and his crowd. I wore a seriously cute and flattering dress with amazing silver strappy heels. We went downtown first - then to the suburbs to be with his crowd for the stroke of midnight. When we arrived at his friend's house all the other girlfriends and wives were wearing -gasp- sweatpants!
Excuse me. Fashion police here. We have a warrant. No sweatpants on New Years Eve. Dress up. It's fun.
So last night my girlfriends and I agreed - it's crucial to dress up - especially on holidays. Just for the fun of it.

Then I added the caveat.

If I had kids, sure - stay home - wear pajamas - pop a bowl of popcorn, watch movies and ring bells at midnight.
Everyone awwed... what a great idea!
See what my non-existant kids are missing?!!!


debbie d. said...

so this would mean that I would have had to stay up past 930pm????

erinannie said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE those shoes!!