Friday, October 10, 2008

Maybe It's A Good Thing!

It's becoming quite clear that our break up must be a good thing.

We would have made one ugly baby:
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Update: I feel as though I'm past the wreckage. And that feels good. I may be entering bitterness, though I am keeping a handle on it.

Thanks everyone for your sincere and hopeful comments. You bless me. You really do!

God bless you right back!

Just for giggles - I tried reproducing again with better pictures. You be the judge.

I don't think this kid is much better!!


This IS our life said...

YOU ROCK!!!!! ;)

Anth said...

Yeah, that baby's creepy. Lol

Yvonne said...

The second one is easier to look at than the first....I'll have to try this with me and hubby to see if our spawn looks anything like one of our kids....