Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Because I Blew Past 100

I was planning to do something special for my 100th post. I'd been watching it creep along - and then poof! I missed it!
This is post 101.

But still, I give you...

100 Things About Me

  1. I’m not a morning person. Left to my own devices I would sleep until 9:00am. This is not sloth. I can’t put myself to bed before midnight no matter how hard I try.
  2. I don’t cook. Do not mistake this for ‘Can’t Cook’ or ‘Cooks Badly’. I can follow directions like everyone else. I choose not to cook. I take very little joy in it. Too messy.
  3. When I do cook – it’s awesome.
  4. I’m adopted.
  5. I grew up on a farm.
  6. I rode horses all my life until I left for college.
  7. I competed in 4-H rodeos. My favorite event was Barrel Racing.
  8. I’m naturally thin. This does not mean I am fit.
  9. I’d rather not have curtains. I love sunlight and a view and I could never understand why people are shocked if they can see inside someone’s house after dark. Especially if the people inside are not naked.
  10. I hate pulp in orange juice and lemonade.
  11. I love any food that comes from dead pig. Bacon is nature’s candy.
  12. I can sew. I would do it more if I had a spare room to dedicate for sewing and the mess that ensues.
  13. While I can sew clothing quite well, I mostly sew crafty baby gifts. Sewing clothes is not cost effective like it was when I was in high school.
  14. I want to be a great photographer one day.
  15. I want to be a wife and mother one day. God seems to have other plans.
  16. I live for summer. Heat and humidity are my friends.
  17. I’ve had stitches twice.
  18. Only one broken bone. My scapula. Car wreck. They can’t put a cast on your scapula.
  19. Favorite color? Can’t pick one. I love orange. I love green. Several shades of brown. Blue is fun. Yellow is cheerful and spunky. Orange rocks.
  20. I love the smell of fresh cut grass and band-aids. Separate, not together.
  21. I am completely mesmerized by the sound of a trickling brook or babbling stream.
  22. My favorite sound is the sound of babies and children laughing. From the gut. Love it!
  23. I started mowing our lawn when I was about 10 years old. I like mowing the lawn.
  24. Until college, I thought mowing the lawn was ‘women’s work’.
  25. Growing up, I never got an allowance.
  26. I didn’t have a checking account until I started college.
  27. That was a mistake.
  28. A clean and shiny bathroom sink makes me very happy.
  29. I get hives due to allergies. This does not make me a nerd.
  30. None of my best girlfriends know one another. They are scattered all over the country so they have never met.
  31. I’ve told them all to save up for a spa weekend somewhere (I think Seattle) for my 40th birthday. It’ll be great to have all my girls together and have them finally meet!
  32. A very high percentage of my friends are named Kim or Kelly. This started with my cousins who are twins – the others kept showing up throughout my life! Kimberly, Keli – all of them!
  33. I have two nephews and two nieces. They are all gorgeous.
  34. I have been abstinent for more than 11 years. What is God waiting for?!
  35. I love shopping at TJMaxx.
  36. I have two pair of sexy high heels that I love so much that I actually tell them so.
  37. I love cleaning and organizing in my friends’ homes. Not so much when cleaning my own.
  38. I’m really horrible at math. Math is a 4-letter word.
  39. I can still turn cartwheels.
  40. I butter my toast on both sides.
  41. My first job was at Hardee’s.
  42. I cannot have chips in my house because I will eat the entire bag in one sitting.
  43. I have monkey toes. I can pick stuff up with them.
  44. I hate turtlenecks. Can’t stand them around my neck. Even seeing them on others makes me feel a little strangled.
  45. I performed in school plays in high school. I was always the wise-cracking maid.
  46. I cannot play an instrument even though I had guitar lessons, clarinet lessons and organ lessons.
  47. I’m sarcastic. and loud.
  48. I sneeze so loudly it scares people.
  49. I’m starting to see where it might be hard to like me!
  50. As a kid I would climb anything with a firm foothold. Grain bins, abandoned farm equipment, trees – anything. Mom hated this.
  51. I once stood atop each presidential head on Mount Rushmore. Not everyone gets to do that.
  52. When I did, (with permission) the Park Ranger freaked out and tied a rope around me because I was too close to Roosevelt’s forehead.
  53. I love heights, obviously.
  54. I make burgers with English Muffins rather than hamburger buns. Much tastier.
  55. I have a good singing voice. Not great, but not offensive.
  56. I grind my teeth. Have for at least 30 years. Now I wear a nightguard. Ith tho thexy.
  57. I don’t like beer.
  58. My friends are mad that my natural hair color (at age 38) does not include any grays.
    I can’t whistle.
  59. I can’t swim. I know how to… but I can’t.
  60. I love dry wit and sarcastic humor.
  61. I’ve never seen a single Star Wars movie in its entirety. For this offense, I am at risk of losing my Generation X membership card.
  62. Personified animals, in cartoon or actual form, amuse me to no end. Dogs reading newspapers? Hilarious. A chicken wearing glasses? Unholy riot. One of my friends has a dog that sits like a human. I can’t stand it!
  63. I have never tried any illegal drug. Nothing. Smoked clove cigarettes once in college – that’s as hard as I ever got.
  64. I have never had a one night stand.
  65. My worst fear is growing old alone.
  66. After 6 semesters of Spanish, I can’t recall much beyond “Donde esta el bano?” I figured it was the most useful phrase.
  67. My first car was a 1979 Buick Park Avenue. We called it ‘The Enterprise”.
  68. I totaled that car on 08-08-88.
  69. I totaled my last car on 08-08-08.
  70. I can roll my tongue.
  71. I can roll my Rs.
  72. I can’t wiggle my ears.
  73. I can never remember the body of jokes… only the punch lines.
  74. The songs at church usually make me cry.
  75. I don’t like BBQ’d food. Grilled sure – it’s the BBQ sauce that creeps me out.
  76. I can’t paint my fingernails or toenails. Yeah I can reach ‘em but the results ain’t pretty. That job is outsourced.
  77. People who bring their dogs everywhere, annoy me.
  78. People who dress their dogs make me want to see them institutionalized. The humans, not the dogs.
  79. Some people think I don’t like dogs. They are wrong. Usually it’s the dog owner I don’t like. (Can’t blame the dog for not being trained/socialized.)
  80. I didn’t like Cherries until well into adulthood.
  81. My family opens gifts on Christmas Eve.
  82. I can’t flirt. Haven’t the faintest idea how.
  83. Once I decide you are my friend – you can’t get out of it. No way no how.
  84. I would do anything for my friends. Anytime of the day or night. Need me? Call me.
  85. I think I’m a little addicted to the internet.
  86. Idid not know the great pleasure of high thread count sheets until this past year. Now I'm spoiled!
  87. I have never successfully balanced my checkbook.
  88. I think my dad is the smartest man who never finished High School that you’ll ever meet. He has a unique wisdom.
  89. I choke on food – a lot.
  90. My two longest romantic relationships have lasted a year and a half. I think it’s pretty clear by then if you belong together or not.
  91. I once ate a mudpie prepared by my big sister. I told her it was a little dry.
  92. I once hiked behind a waterfall where I smooched my then boyfriend.
  93. I learned to ski at age 27.
  94. It was the first sport I could actually DO. I was thrilled.
  95. I secretly wish I were more athletic.
  96. I am satisfied with my very small chest. But I would take bigger boobs if it came by magic and not surgery.
  97. My brother and I grew further apart after our sister died. We are not close.
  98. I never really liked school.
  99. I skipped all but my 10 year High School Reunion. (We have them every 5 years.)
  100. I trust God’s plan for me but I wish I trusted Him even more.


JenX67 said...

Are you interested in being on my Gen X blog roll - 50 Gen X bloggers from 50 States? I like your list of 100 things about you. Abstinence is a good thing. Have you read the book, "Choosing God's Best." ?? You seem to be on the right path. Please take a gander at my blog and see if you'd like to be on the roll for Colorado.

Amy said...

I have never watched a full Star Wars OR Indiana Jones. I wear a retainer at night. Altho tho thexy.
And there's more.
We could so be twins.

Miney said...

Well, you can come play with my kids and clean and organize my house any time you like! :) I've never watched a full episode of Star Wars or Star Trek or whatever, either. I really like your Public Service announcement, too!