Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Love Stories

Certainly, I don't know how my love story will turn out - or if there will even be one beyond the beautiful love story offered to me by Christ on the cross. But I love reading about real life love stories.

In my daily clicks today, I stumbled upon the discovery that someone has declared October Love Story month - and various bloggers are sharing theirs. I think it starts here.

Many women are writing theirs in installments and I can't wait for the conclusion of this one!

Now, I love a good Love Story (how we met stories) but the handful that I've read so far start in high school. Yeah. They met in high school, married, had an egg carton full of kids and made me depressed. That's just too much to bear for a woman like me who is a full-fledged adult - 38 years old - and just broke up with her boyfriend. Please. I'm too old to have a boyfriend. I'm supposed to have a husband! Heck - I should have an ex-husband by now!!

So please... share your love story with me... particularly if it starts with "On the day I found my first grey hair..." Something that will give me a morsel of hope.
Leave the link to your love story in my comments section.

Obviously, I can't share mine. But can I tell you how much I love stories that start out with the heroine leaving her boyfriend to date his best friend? Or her best friend's boyfriend?

Not that I endorse stealing men from one another - rather I love the serendipity that the Lord employs to put the right people in our lives.

One story that I love was told to me by a cute little older lady that I met at some dating function when I first moved to this city.

I was new in town and seeking to build a social circle so I particpated in Speed Dating, Rotating Tables and all sorts of matchmaking events. At one of them I met this cute lady in her 60s who told me how she met her late husband. Is it concerning that I remember the cute little old lady but none of the men that were there?!

Her roommate had been set up on a date, and returned to tell her friend that she didn't think it was a good match. Regardless, they had made plans for the next night so the roommate begged her to come along.

Presto. Bingo. She met her husband!

So cute.

Like the story line in When Harry Met Sally. Sally and Harry decide to find each other dates, and over dinner it's their dates who end up hitting it off. At the wedding, Jess toasts them for bringing he and Marie together saying, "If we would have found either of you remotely attractive, we wouldn't be here today!"

I love a good love story. Please share yours. I could use the hope these days.


Anonymous said...

I have absolutely NO doubt your love story will turn out utterly amazing. Just try to enjoy what's in your life right now.


dave.heather said...

How very exciting to have my blog linked in your post. I'm so glad you're enjoying the story. I think I have just one more installment. Should be posted Monday?? ~Heather

p.s. your own love story is in the making...