Saturday, October 25, 2008

Answers - and lots of links!

Well, I finally have an answer.

The Obama images that still make me uncomfortable are not produced by his campaign.

Rather, they are art images created by various independent artists.

Apparently they are supposed to have a Warholian quality. is that a word?

Anyway, I totally missed that connection. I still think they recall the forced iconography and rallies at the command of the Soviet Union. exhibit A:

My friend Rob sent me this Wall Street Journal article. They looked into the craze back in July. I am glad to have the information. As I said in my earlier post, it just seemed odd to me that the Democratic National Committee would want to connect his image to those images.

Now we know - it's the creative types who seek to engrave the image - not the campaign.

Now I'm a fairly arty person - and this just lends gravity to the fact that art is indeed subjective - which is why I am NOT the only one who felt that connection.
Again, not saying Obama is the Red Scare - or a Communist - just questioning the visual tie-in. Question answered.
On the other hand... I thought tonight's SNL skit of Michelle & Barack's Variety Hour was a full on RIOT! Totally speaks to the iconic celebrity so rampant in his campaign. Just visualize Michelle and Barack as Donnie and Marie!! The theme song... "And now we're solid. Solid as Barack!"
If anyone can find the link let me know and I'll link it here. Too funny to miss.
Oh. And to keep my political posts to a minimum... I want to share this great thought with you here - via button!
While I'm not a fan of giving civil unions the same title of 'marriage' for reasons I can't even put my own finger on... I do believe that legally, homosexuals deserve the same civil rights for partnership.
I really don't see how gay marriage would threaten straight marriages - except for the knowledge that my gay friends have been together longer than most of my married friends - and it stands to reason that Gays might actually lower the divorce rate!
Straights aren't really raising the bar there.
Now I promise this will be my last political post here - because my blog really isn't about that.
Thanks for indulging me all the same.
Now back to our regularly scheduled blogging.


Anonymous said...

Farrah said...

I can give a very good reason I am against any kind of advancement of the homosexual agenda, and it revolves around my own religious freedom. By gaining greater acceptance by society, and marriage is a huge step in that direction, they are moving closer to banning my bible and putting my pastor in jail for hate speech. You may be fortunate to not know any homosexuals who would do that, but sadly, there are many who would.

Aside from that, the greater the acceptance, the more pushy they are about things such as teaching kindergarteners about homosexual couples/families. This is already happening in some states, specifically California and Massachusetts. It is part of the curriculum in their public schools. I do not want my child learning about homosexual families until I think it is an appropriate time and in a manner consistent with our values.