Monday, October 20, 2008

Just a Little Creepy

Am I the only one who thinks that this:

is eerily reminiscent of this:

and this?

That image in my neighbor's window and on so many t-shirts plastered upon people around the city are just a bit creepy to me.

I wonder if they are produced by the Obama campaign - or by over enthusiastic weirdos who think the Communist Dictator flashbacks are 'retro'?
I mean, Obama supporter or not you have to find the images a bit disturbing - right?

It's weird how so many Obama events look a lot like the Beatles Invasion.

The Cult of Personality surrounding his campaign is like nothing I've seen in my lifetime.
If the images don't creep you out - watch this and tell me it's not a bit chilling.
More than a little creepy if you ask me.
Make no mistake. I'm not saying there is a connection. I'm just saying that one reminds me of the other. That is all.


Yvonne said...

Yea, that certainly did send a chill up my husband's, too

Anth said...

You know, ever since I first saw Obama's emblem - the sun rising over fields - I thought it felt vaguely Communist. Usually presidential candidates go for patriotic themes, you know?

I definitely hear you on the cult of personality surrounding Obama. I don't think it would occur to anyone to write fawning songs of love to McCain. Lol

Blue Castle said...

Oh my. That is chilling. I haven't seen those posters, but even without the comparison, they are a little weird, I thought.

TRS said...

Are they only here in Denver? My friend in DC hasn't seen them either.
I've seen them (and the creepy tshirts) since long before the primaries.

Katie said...

Yes, the cult of personality surrounding Obama is really unnerving to me. I think it's great to feel positive about the candidate you're voting for and to be excited and like them, but many Obama supporters take it to a really disturbing extreme.

debbie d. said...

yep! creepy it is! and they are all over St. Louis

Anonymous said...

Finally, someone who understands what I have been saying. Yes, that Obama poster looks UBER communist.


Anonymous said...

Plenty of admired leaders of democratic nations have used similar pictures and posters. I'm surprised you only chose to publish fascists and dictators.

Anonymous said...

Every time they play those children's voices on the radio, it gives me goosebumps. Creepy goosebumps. I saw a bumper sticker recently on a large SUV here in Denver: Obama's head with a gaudy large rainbow halo behind it.

I am in a position where I don't feel that I can express my political views. My clients and acquaintances assume I am a liberal. I admire you for your posts on the subject. Thank you.

TRS said...

Anonymous #1 Care to share the images?
Apparantly, they don't come to mind to me. The dictators ARE the images that came to mind. That's sort of my point.
Even a G**gle search did not prompt any others.
Please see my update to this thought in my latest post.

Anonymous #2
I'm right there with you! And how scary is that?! In America of all places - afraid to express your political views. My how the nation has declined.
Plus I love the irony - the liberal side that preaches TOLERANCE as long as you agree with them. If you don't agree they have no tolerance for you.
What a sham.
P.S. I can do that here because I am anonymous. (or so I think!)