Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I Don't Even Know What to Think!

I came home this evening to find a message on my home answering machine trying to set up a job interview with me for tomorrow. (Tuesday).
How's that for notice?!

It's a job I totally forgot I applied for.

Part of me feels resigned that I won't get it anyway... just like all the others. But the other part of me realizes this interview came out of the blue - so long after I've given up.

Maybe there is a possibility. But Geez... it sucks so much like dating. Maybe this will be the one. Ha! Don't even get your hopes up.

Anyway... interview at 2:00pm MTN. I'd appreciate your prayers. I just pray for a job that I will find satisfying - and that I can perform to the satisfaction of the employer. I don't ask for much.

The interview went very well from my point of view - although I never know how I come across in an interview.
I am just myself, and that is funny, slightly irreverant, (because that is who you will be working with, you should know that) but very serious about the work and my can-do attitude. I am sure to explain my experience and how it relates directly to the job at hand.

I didn't know much about the job going in. After all, I applied for it two months ago and then never really thought about it again. But - this job is almost perfect. It takes me back to the reason I went into journalism in the first place. It's not sexy or puffed up glamorization of news that culls the important issues down to 20 second bits of fluff. That is why I left news. This is different. Not glamorous in any way, but I am sure it will be satisfying.

I know that they are interview at least three other people. I am just praying for God to guide this. If this is the position he has been saving me for - great. If not, well - I'll keep plugging away. It's out my hands now. But if you would like to offer it to God with me, I would greatly appreciate the prayers.

It would be so like God for this opportunity to work out, because I got a notice today explaining that my unemployment benefits end on November 1st. This job would start the first week of November.


k said...

good luck!!

Laura said...

The last three jobs I got - and LOVED - were all "surprise callbacks" long after I applied. One was one that I initially interviewed for, and they turned me down, only to call me back a month later and offer the job.

Good luck. If it's meant to be, you'll know.

erinannie said...

Thanks for the update! I came back over today just to check in and hear how it went. You will be in my prayers tonight. Good luck!
I had an interview today as well. I have a job, and its going okay for now. But this other job... OH MAN! it would be a dream come true. The interview went well. They are flying me down in a few weeks to meet them in person.
Here's to the best for both of us!