Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Two Things

Today is my sister's birthday.
She died in 1985 just a month shy of her 23rd birthday.
Today she has been dead for as long as she was alive.

I wish I could feel her presence.
It's to the point where I don't even miss her anymore, because as I said, she's been gone as long as she lived. After 23 years you sort of get used to not seeing - or even expecting to see someone.
But I think she sent me some gifts today.

One, when I went to my new job for orientation and to negotiate my salary.
See, I've never been great at negotiating. I prayed about it, and tried to prepare to stand my ground. But when their first offer is the figure that you were hoping for - I don't see the need to dicker any further!
I say - leave well enough alone!!
That is God at work. Maybe my sister handled the negotiation before I got there.

Oh. How about the fact that when I arrived and approached the receptionist/admin assistant she turned to me and said, "Oh good! You got the job!"
I smiled and replied, "Yes. Thanks."
"I was hoping you would get it. When you came for the interview you were just so nice and fun."

Wow. Talk about a first impression! (For the record, I liked her instantly too.)

She told me that she asked the manager who he hired but then couldn't remember which face went with which name - (they interviewed 16 candidates!) - so seeing me confirmed that the dark horse she was backing was indeed the winner.
How sweet is that?!

The other gift - or at least surprise - was Mr. Burns calling out of the blue.
I can choose to believe that my sister knew that I'm waiting for some answers, to know how he is doing - and really - just to know that he wanted to call.

Quite possible she arranged that too.
Isn't that what big sisters are for?


Yvonne said...

You give me chills! I'm so happy that things are turning in a positive direction for you - you go girl!

Anonymous said...

Maybe God had a small hand in it as well?

You know it all started when you decided to let go of Mr. Burns and submit.


Song Lee said...

Well, congrats on all accounts! Sounds like, if nothing else, you see the positive in all situations. That is a difficult thing to learn and deal with. but you do it marvelously!

Looking forward to hearing about Mr. Burns!

Doris said...

Yes, we big sisters do like to take care! So sweet that you can feel her hand in things. She is God's angel now, and with Him is looking out for you. So happy for your blessings...

sweetlexie520 said...

I'm so happy for you! Just found your blog last week, and am now addicted. You are really inspiring me even though our lives are totally different. Just to see someone submitting herself and her desires to God, but still being honest about her feelings really impacts me. Hope you have a good second day of work, too!

auntie said...

That's very cool about your new salary and the receptionist - a great way to start a new job!

auntie said...

so....did you call him??

Lizzy said...

I am so happy for you and I agree with Yvonne -- it gave me chills!

Congratulations on the new job!!

TRS said...


Yes of course. I thought I was clear about that.
But who is to say there isn't a little bonus system up there in which your loved ones whisper in God's ear "Can I toss a little surpise along in the gift you're about to send my sister?"