Thursday, November 06, 2008

A Society that Supports Evil

I really don't want to be political here on my blog - but some things are just too important to ignore.

My greatest concern stemming from this election is the fate of unwanted children.

Barack Obama's stance on Abortion rights is the most liberal I have seen. It's terrifying. He supports late term abortion to the degree that if the child comes out of the procedure alive, he does not support legislation for a doctor to intervene.
Horrifying! See this video Born Alive - please. It's not graphic.

With the Democrats in control of the House the Senate and now the White House, the reality of federally funded abortions is coming closer. (I don't want my tax dollars used for the murders of unborn children! Just because they are incovenient!) We are becoming a society that supports the most heinious form of evil and most of America doesn't even realize it because it's disguised in acceptable wording!

Jen over at Conversion Diary says it better than I could. Please read her post today.

Some folks are arguing about the semantics of the evils she compares. But I agree with Jen, the point is about the evils we as a society excuse.

Evil is evil - there are not varying degrees.

And a society that gives up it's moral compass has no hope. It will take America decades to recover from this evil if we don't start standing up for what is right - now!

And please don't argue with me here about whether a fetus is a person or a baby. I hold that the pro-choice stance (which is not brave enough to call themselves pro-abortion or anti-life because that sounds ugly, they like to sanitize their verbage) only calls it a fetus to cover up the ugly reality.


Anonymous said...

It is a known FACT that societies that have supported abortion and homosexuality have been short lived.

And this admin supports both.


Marla Taviano said...

Popped over from Rocks in my Dryer. Your comment on her mammogram post was similar to mine and made me smile. :)

Blue Castle said...

It is very alarming that Obama would have a child who was alive after a failed abortion be killed. How calloused of a conscience must you have to think this should be allowed? Killing is not a "choice". It is a sin. Always. To kill innocent children is especially heinous.

Stacey said...

I'm late reading this but thank you for posting it. I admire people who stand up for the unborn. As someone who has had trouble carrying a baby past 12 weeks, I'm appalled that so many would choose to snuff out those lives on purpose because they are "inconvenient."
My husband wrote a great post about how we vote here if you'd like to check it out:

Thanks for taking a stand!