Saturday, November 01, 2008

Not So Scary

My Halloween costume:
Get it? You might not be able to tell from the photo but the dress is bright blue.

I admit I stole the idea from another blogger last year.
A certain Courtney went as The Devil in a Blue Dress. I already had the devil details, found the dress on the cheap at a Ross store! Score!
And it's cute enough to wear for other occasions.
I went out with the same group that went Salsa Dancing earlier this week. Yes, including hat guy, er Hot Guy! The bloom has left that rose! He's still smokin' hot but I'm not terribly impressed with his personality. No biggie. He just seems to be the guy who is too concerned that I'm drinking water or soda. Red flag.

In my experience, people who are overly concerned that I'm not drinking or only had two drinks are A) not concerned about my best interest and B) looking for company so they don't feel so bad about their drinking.
Not good signs.
But I will say, he walked in dressed as a surgeon... fake blood splattered all over his scrubs. And let me tell you he looked pretty McDreamy (overlooking the blood of course). But I had to laugh, here he was dressed as a doctor or surgeon - with his only prop being tongue depressors. Pretty funny. How do you get so covered in blood if all you're doing is checking for Strep Throat?!?!
Update: I shared the tongue depressor observation with the fabulous Kimberly who remarked, "What? Do you rip out kid's tonsils with your fist?!" Oh I wish I were as quick witted!!!


Anonymous said...

That's good. I like that.


Laura said...

Awesome costume!! So simple, yet so clever. And you look great in it. Hot Doc, eat your heart out.