Monday, November 03, 2008

Now THAT's a Friend!

Message on my voicemail:

Hey, this is T
from the background " and S…!"
Oh and S. He’s in the car next to me. We just called to say Happy Halloween late.
We were wondering if you got that job or not. … Any word?

Cuz we think you should move back to Omaha. We think you should buy our house and
we even have a guy we want to set you up with.

So boy, talk about the whole package. If we can find you a job in Omaha it’ll be a tri-fecta!

Honestly, I'd move back just for the house. This gem is adorable! I'm so tempted.
Since it's a bad time to sell - we've discussed my renting the house until I can afford to buy. I've already pictured all my furniture in their living room!

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Anonymous said...

Good things happen too.