Thursday, November 20, 2008

An Addiction? No. I Can Stop Any Time I Want!

I just don't want to.
Since I got the word of my new job - I've made two trips to Ross (like TJMaxx) one to Macy's and another to The Gap.
I guess I feel that I deserve a little splurge after 14 months of frugal living while unemployed.

I found the cutest scarf ever. I'm amazed I haven't received a compliment on it yet. Is that vain?

Two awesome belts. I can never find belts that I like so this was a coup.

Two cute sundresses one for 5.99 and one for 8.99. I eagerly await the month of May.

An adorable, cheerful yellow top, perfect for summer, but I'm trying to find a way to wear it this winter. Which lead me to The Gap.

Now I know why they call it the Gap - because their clearance rack helps fill the gaps in your wardrobe! When you find something and think that would be perfect with a _____ if I could find one... go to Gap's clearance rack.

That's where I found the long sleeve tee (11.99) that I'm hoping to layer with the yellow top for fall. What do you think? Is that cute or dorky? Remember I'm 38 years old! I think it's cute but I feel a bit like a kindergarten kid in it. What say you, internets?
There, I also found an irresistible top that I got 20% off due to the make-up smudge.

But I am most excited about the amazing BCBG sweater I found at Macy's! I very rarely spend full price on clothes... and even at 40% off the sweater was still $82. I had to walk away from it to listen to the voice of reason. I don't know whether it was reason that won out or not - but I bought it. The cashier offered to ring it up pre-sale for the event they're having on Saturday. So it came to $52 - which was easier to take. For BCBG - A STINKIN' STEAL!!!!

Sorry, I can't show it to you because Macy's is holding it hostage until Nov 22nd. As per the pre-sale.

So yes... I admit I have a bit of a shopping addiction. But I CAN stop when I want/need to. When money is tight and there's none coming in, I can buckle down.

Honestly, I had so much shopping pent up inside me - it had to come out. Did I NEED any of it? No. But who cares? It doesn't hurt to celebrate a little.

Under $200 - hardly constitutes a splurge. I'll start a budget with my new job, and work to plan my purchases better. But I admit I love a good bargain scrounge!!!


Anonymous said...

Nice, I like the colors you picked, and IM loving your blog, it's nice to find a blog with someone single and just enjoying life.
The sweater is cute and so are the sundresses, I just adore the color though.

Mary said...

I love the deals you found! Per the yellow top, did you try pairing a black 3/4 length? Might add a bit of an edgy look? Or what about a little rust or maroon coloured cardi over it?

TRS said...

Good idea Mary.
I'll try it with a black tee - you're right it'll make it edgier rather than kindergarten cute.

Thanks Terry,
Yellow is such a fun color. I don't have much of it so I figured it would be fun to try.
In summer, I may even use that yellow dress as a skirt and pair it with the yellow top!

Alexis said...

Super cute scores - the colors are fun! I agree with Mary and take a pic for us if it works out. I can't wait to see the BCBG sweater - I love great deals!

So update us - did you ever call Mr. Burns back?

TRS said...

I returned his call in the form of a voicemail. (that was on Wednesday night) because he didn't answer. I know he has bible study that night.

But now it's Friday morning and I haven't heard back - so we'll see.

k said...

I am so bad at picking through stuff at Ross (or the like) and am super jealous of those who are good at it and come away with lots of cute stuff.

I love the little tank and was going to suggest layering - I think the white is cute, but I bet black would look great too.

Have you ever looked at Shade Clothing? They have great layerable. They have a lot of stuff on sale and the quantity is great too.

tar said...

Hi! I've been buying some clothes too (and purses, shoes and makeup and moisturizers for my eczema). In the last year I've been working in a job that pays a little more so I've refilled my little savings account and now I am buying these things. After 4 years of very very frugal living, it's a welcome change. And I love some shades of yellow too, last weekend I bought a T-shirt and a wonderful long cardigan in warm, deep yellow :) You can combine some browns, and some greens, with that yellow. And even some shades of burgundy and eggplant, in my humble opinion. But I am very fond of burgundy and eggplant...

I thought of you tonight, when I was checking email (just having arrived from a night vigil at my church) and my ex-bf appeared on Google talk and started a conversation. He's been going through a hard time these last months, with health problems and troubles between his parents. May God protect them, I want, no, I need distance from him, but I only wish him the best. Of course, I ended up bursting into tears. And remembered you and prayed for you, which was good to keep me a bit away from my pain.

tar said...

And the scarf is very nice :)

TRS said...

Oh I LOVE digging through racks at those stores... cuz I love a good bargain. My best friend hates it. She shops the racks at the front of the department stores, where they are displayed neatly and in size order (at full price)

Tar - you're right about brown and eggplant (I love eggplant too) and as a result, you reminded me of a brown shirt I already own, that might work with it.
Your suggestion also made me think of a bluish shirt that I have that might work too. Both options are better than black or white (too stark)

Thanks for the suggestions everyone!

I'll share the pairings when I post a photo of the BCBG sweater!!

knit_tgz said...

(this is tar)

Glad I was of help. And sorry for switching identities while answering, I dislike when people do that in my blog. I thought I was logged in with my main identity on Google, but was on my alternate email account before...

Colours are a matter of personal style, more than anything. This morning I met my mom for a quick lunch and before saying Good morning she lowered her gaze to my legs, horrified of my orange collants which I had expected would gather compliments (I was wearing an orange sweater, brown skirt and brown shoes and coat, so I wasn't that garish, I think!). I still like the orange collants, though ;)

Laura said...

I *love* that scarf!

I am completely fashion-challenged, I can tell others that they look cute in stuff, but when it comes to dressing myself? turtle necks and jeans! So keep that in mind when I tell you... I really like the yellow top with the white T underneath. Maybe a little "young" - but you seem to have the right attitude (and maybe accessories) to pull it off.

Congrats on the job, and on the spree! It sounds like you had a great time!