Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Whoa. Now That's Weird!

So I'm sitting here eating corn chips and white queso dip. The type of thing I usually can't stop eating. How do you stop eating chips before finding the bottom of the bag?

I'm not feeling guilty about it.

Remember when McTwitchy asked if I weighed less now than the first time he met me, and that I wasn't really even bothered by it?
There is something about my size, my natural size that makes people think I've lost weight even when I've gained weight. I'm just a tiny person (even though I think I'm normal.) I don't realize how small I am until I see myself in a photo with others. Suddenly I look as if in miniature. It's sort of weird.
So I just chalk it up to people forgetting that I'm tiny and when they see me again after some time apart - even if I'm at my biggest - they think I'm tiny.

The week after Easter, a friend's sister was in town and I ran into them at church. She exclaimed how thin I was and cautioned, "Don't lose any more."

Whatever. I reasoned that the last time she saw me, was around the time McTwitchy first saw me - and I have returned to my normal weight since then.

Today I went to my Chiropractor, who when she laid eyes on me for the first time in two months asked if I had lost weight.
I said I didn't really know as I don't own a scale.
She asked if my clothes fit the same, and I couldn't make a determination there either because I haven't worn my spring clothes all winter!

After my adjustment she indicated a room with a scale. I stepped on and waited for the numbers to settle, fully expecting my regular weight to appear... and shocked when it came up four pounds short!!

I asked her assistant if that scale was accurate and she assured it was. When I told her my discrepancy she said, "Oh that's good!"

I'm not so sure it is.
Sure, people lose four pounds in two months... but they are usually trying to lose.
I normally don't fluctuate more than 2 pounds either direction.

Funny thing... I told Kikr who shared that she recently lost four pounds as well!
True friend. We wear the same size and have noticed that we even gain and lose weight at the same time.

I figure now is the time to work on my muscle mass. Usually it's frustrating to try to tone up, and gain weight in the process because you are building muscle. This way, I get the best of both - get my weight and my shape back to where they need to be.


Alexis said...

Building muscle sounds like a great plan! There's a fitness site called SparkPeople. It's for every aspect of fitness - muscle building, weight loss, weight gain, general maintenance. (I've lost over 15 lbs since New Year's!!) And it's totally free, with lots of great articles and videos to demonstrate different exercises.

Geez, I sound like a commercial, lol! But seriously, c'mon over and check it out. :) I'm sweetlexie520 over there.

liza said...

Also, weight can fluctuate up to 5 lbs in a day depending on when you last ate, if you're dehydrated, etc. Could have been part of it!

Hey - I gave you a blog award! You can visit my blog to see all the details.