Friday, May 14, 2010

Speaking of Helping People Get What They Need

I get my work schedule for next week today. (for the part-time job that supplements unemployment) Next week starts on Sunday. It's pretty lousy to have such short notice about your Sunday plans.

I usually have to work on Sundays. The manager is kind enough to schedule me after I can attend Mass.
This Sunday there are two events that I'd like to attend instead of work. When I asked the manager if I could get Sunday off, he said I'd have to find someone from another store to fill in - because our staff is too small to fill the gap. So basically, I'm scheduled unless I find someone to cover.

I'll be making phone calls this afternoon but I don't have high hopes. I anticipate hearing excuses like, "That's my only day with my family." and I respect that.

I want to say, "I understand, but I'm single and I have no one. I spend my free time during the week alone because all the other grown-ups are at work. Then on the weekends, I have to work. This would be the first Sunday in 5 months that I can socialize."

Really, it's only 5 hours that they won't have with their family. They'll see them when they get home and they will still love them. They still get to tuck their kids into bed, and go to bed with their spouse.

For me... it's five hours that I get to spend with someone who isn't me... and isn't a customer. Possibly meet my future husband!

Wish me luck! I have a feeling I'll still be working on Sunday.


Genevra said...

Good luck my bloggy friend!

Anonymous said...

Hope you find someone, I know how that is too. I always get the crappy schedule. So, I know what that is like. Good Luck keep us posted

TRS said...

Happy to report that someone from another store offered to take my shift at the last-minute.
I enjoyed a regular Sunday with friends and fellowship. ... without having to change my clothes in the car in the Target parking lot!

Also pleased to report, the manager talked to the bratty college girl who wants more hours but doesn't actually want to work ... and told her she had to make at least one Sunday a month available ...or lose her job... that it's not fair that TRS works every Sunday and a spoiled college kid doesn't.
Whoo hoo.
Sometimes the squeaky wheel does get the grease!!!

Jennifer M. said...

Lol - this reminds me so much of that movie While You Were Sleeping, when her boss wants her to work Christmas just because she's the only single person at her work. So not fair!

TRS said...

Jennifer... I love that movie!

Jennifer M. said...

Me too! One of my favorites. :)