Sunday, May 02, 2010

Make Out Hair - The Bliss Continues!

What is it about make-out hair? Something about tousling around with a partner makes your hair look fantastic in the morning. Something a good night's sleep never does!

So, um... it was an entire month between dates with McTwitchy. I wondered if he was just placating me with another date before he told me it wasn't going to work because he's just too busy. (My friends ask me if I was mad - or if he apologized for not seeing me. Neither. I choose not to make a big deal out of it because what guy likes that girl?) In fact, on our date I felt that being with him just wasn't the same.

I sensed the end. I even asked him if he was okay. This caught him off-guard, and then he cursed the fact that he is so easy to read.

Later he told me what was on his mind. He's concerned about not being available. He wants to be available. His business demands much of his time, because that is what he allows. He knows he has lost relationships over it... and he wants that pattern to end.

I am just impressed that we had that conversation.
I'm dating a grown-up!
And a great kisser, by the way!

Oh, and I realize from other bits of conversation... like how he took the weekend to visit a friend in need - and that he offered for me to borrow his laptop in the event I would need it for a job interview/training - and some other random niceness - that he is like me. (does that sound like I'm patting myself on the back? It's not meant to.) It occurred to me that my proclivity to offer help whenever needed, drop everything for a friend who needs a hand, loan possessions, etc -- and suddenly, I realized - so does he! Warms my heart.


~ifer said...

So what if you ARE patting yourself on the back? It is okay every now and then to look at actions in our lives and tell ourselves, "you know what, I did a good thing there".
And it is a special thing to find that in another person.

And one more thing... grown up conversations warm my heart :)

Genevra said...

I second everything -ifer just said.

Wow. I'm I'm going to have to come back and comment later. I will say, that it makes me sad that someone being mature enough to have an honest and mature conversation with another human being, is so rare, that I consider it very impressive.

I am so happy he is that type of man though. :)

TRS said...

I'm mostly impressed that we're having that conversation this soon.