Monday, December 01, 2008

With Ma in Her Kercheif

I, the queen of bargain shopping, have been having a heck of a time finding a simple winter nightgown! I've scoured the racks at many a TJMaxx and Ross and I can't find anything that doesn't look like it should belong to my mom... the grandma!


There are tons of top and bottom sets - but I don't want pants to sleep in because the legs always climb up and twist around my legs in my sleep.
I just want something with long sleeves - that comes down to my knees.... that doesn't have embroidery or ruffles or flowers or lace.

I found two night gowns that were ideal in structure - but were made with prints that were so loud and busy I feared they'd keep me awake at night!

Finally, I searched the web for current listings... ah yes... this is what I want:
from Land's End.

But $36 bucks seems like a lot to spend on a stupid night gown - doesn't it? I mean, I have silk dresses that I spent less on. I've spent less on designer shoes!

It's hard being cheap.


Yvonne said...

Yes, but you don't get to wear the silk dresses every single $36 is not bad - it's only a few dollars a month for the cold months - stick with me - I can rationalize anything!

Laura said...

did you try checking the "Overstocks" at Land's End? Sometimes you can find some great bargains in there...

Also, Sears carries Land's End. Maybe you can take advantage of a pre-Christmas sale there.

k said...

i can't do nightgowns. they always end up twisted all around my middle. to be completely honest, i am a fan of no clothes in bed. it just requires lots of blankets to stay warm.

auntie said...

Look at it this'll be wearing the nightgown most every night, so you'll definitely get your money's worth. Plus, you want to be super comfortable if this is something you're gonna SLEEP in, so if it fits the bill, then I say BUY IT! :)

sweetlexie520 said...

Lol! I started reading your post and immediately thought "She should check Land's End!" My mom always loved theirs. I definitely agree with a PP - check their Overstocks page!!

Bobbi said...

Or you could just check out They may have what you're looking for and their stuff is reasonably priced. Ot try ebay.

Blue Castle said...

That's a great nightgown. I know, it's hard being cheap, but if you could swing it, and you really like it, it might just be worth it. Target has some nightgowns similar, but in prints. Maybe they're too loud? I can't remember the price. $36 isn't too bad, but I know what you mean. :)

TRS said...

Ack... did more shopping today - now I'm not sure if I want long sleeves on my night gown. Whenever the bodice is just right the sleeves are too freaking tight!

Gap body had a great one, but the sleeves were too clingy.

Back to the drawing board!