Thursday, December 04, 2008

Never Believe Grownups.

It was snowing very lightly as I drove to work this morning.
When I stopped at a light, I could see perfect little individual snowflakes gracing my car's windows. Each one perfectly, artistically formed. So beautiful! I wished so badly to have my camera with me.

For proof.

Because I remember when I was a kid, the teachers told us that every single snowflake is different. Which I believe. They also told us you couldn't see individual snowflakes (the same thing they said about germs.) But I know that I saw many individual flakes. They were stunning! Miraculous!

Maybe the teachers meant that you couldn't pick one snowflake out of a pile of snow. Okay, I'll give them that. It's possible I was a very literal child.

Or maybe they were talking about Nebraska snowflakes - which are so wet they don't even fall down one by one. It more or less snows in globs there.
But here in Colorado, the air is dry and snowflakes make solo journeys straight to the tip of your nose.

I just want so desparately to photograph a single snowflake.
Maybe one day this winter. If I do, I'll definately post it!


PaulaW said...

It sounds beautiful. We never get "good" snow here in Alabama. Either ice, or big sloppy slushy snow "flakes" (or globs as you said).

Monica said...

It's weird that your teacher told you couldn't see individual flakes. My 3rd grade teacher took us outside at recess and gave us black construction paper so we could catch the snow and look at the flakes. I'm 30...and I still take black construction paper outside to catch snowflakes. They are beautiful.

Krissie said...

I'm still just so excited for you that you have a job! I loved the first line - "It was snowing very lightly as I drove to work this morning". Praise God for driving to work!

Oh and yes, I love snow!

Bobbi said...

I remember the Colorado snowflakes! I used to love going outside to catch the snowflakes on my tongue.

We get a few flakes here in Dallas but not many. They are individual too by the way.

TRS said...

Ha! Krissie! Same here. That first line was by design actually!

Having a job after all this time - has me looking at the world with a different perspective. It's a great thing!
Thanks for picking up on that element of my joy!

Laura said...

This is why I have dark, knitted mittens. They're perfect for catching snowflakes. The little 'frizzies' of yarn are just right for holding an individual snowflake, delicately perched for examination.

I never thought of the black construction paper thing. I'm going to have to get me some. Hot Rod will LOVE that!

Good luck in your photographic quest. I'll be looking forward to seeing the pics.