Thursday, December 11, 2008

Here Comes Santa Claus

Can't remember when I started playing Santa. Was it during college? Or after?
I don't know but I've been doing it for years now... but only for my mom and dad!

You see, as I explained in my last post - when I was a kid we opened family gifts on Christmas Eve, then dove into Santa's gifts on Christmas morning.
So once we were all grown up - under the tree was bare on Christmas mornings.

I think I needed the satisfaction of playing Santa despite the fact that I don't have kids.

I decided to leave something under the tree for mom and dad. The first time, I think it was a cute pair of earrings for mom, some funky camping gear for dad.

On Christmas morning I asked mom if Santa had come.
"I don't know." she said, always the type to play along.
"You better check your stocking."

She did, and fished out a pair of darling earrings.

Now I do this every year. It's just mom and dad and me at their house and since I'm the night owl in the family, I wait 'til they are snug in bed and I set out little trinket gifts like slippers, a cool little tool or flashlight, peanuts and something warm for dad - fun jewelry for mom.

I don't know if they expect it now or not. Sometimes they don't even notice until noon or so that Santa left his calling card. Usually, mom is tickled to death. Dad just hates to see me spend money. (more on my non-consumer dad in another post!)

But I love to do it. I love that I've reversed roles with my parents in this little way.


Yvonne said...

Such a sweet idea!

Jenni said...

my sister and I started playing Santa for our parents as well several years's fun!

Doris said...

What a great idea...I bet your parents love that! Even if Dad hates to see you spend money! What a great way for you to fill in an emptiness that happens when you grow up!

Rachel said...

How sweet. I have 3 other siblings and we're all married so we started drawing names. Mom and Dad decided a number of years ago that they wanted in on it too. I think so they could get out of getting us presents. lol. How fun to shop for your parents though. I'm sure they enjoy it. :)

Gail and Keith said...

Playing Santa for your parents is a wonderful, thoughtful thing to do for them. Mom's and Dad's generally get left out of the mix, especially when the kids are little. See, you've already started your own traditions! G

Bobbi said...

I have always done that with my parents, once I became an adult anyway. Our tree is always bare on Christmas morning too, but we leave things in each others stockings.