Saturday, December 06, 2008


I'm still working at the portrait studio on weekends... at least through Christmas.
So I was there today - and got to photograph a fun family - Mom, Dad, their 3 grown daughters and their significant others and their kids.

I like to know how to group people, so as I'm getting to know a family of this size I like to ask who belongs to whom. (is that the right grammar?)

They pointed out: "Al is Abby's husband and both kids are theirs. Sarah is dating Sam, and Elly is the only single one."

I smiled at her and said, "Good for you!" sort of to squelch the sting of her dad pointing out her glaring difference in the family.
As Elly and I exchanged a little high five, her dad leaned in and joked, "Loser!"

"Hey hey HEY!" I said, "That only means she hasn't made any big mistakes!"

She smiled at my support, and the jabs the family was gearing up - petered out.

Man, people are so freakin' dense!!!


Marin said...

Good for you; it's easy to let people needle each other. They're kidding, yes, but it's still mean sometimes.

Ronnica said...

I'm fortunate not to get any needling from my family. Though I know they're itching to get me married and having grandbabies.

Tonyi said...

What a jerk, joking or not! People are dense sometimes and it was good of you to support the girl.


Doris said...

Ugh. I have So been there. Sweet of you to handle it the way you did! My Dad, now gone and terribly missed, used to tell people (mainly relatives who nosely asked why I wasn't hitched yet) I was "picky" or "too independent" or, worst of all, "not a big people person" (a little shy in my younger days, but ALWAYS a people person!) I know he loved me and didn't mean anything derogatory by his comments, but I would always cringe to overhear them! I always wanted to say. "Hey! Maybe it's the guys that have the problems?!"

Anonymous said...

That's not dense, that's rude.

Plain and simple.