Sunday, December 14, 2008

I Always Wanted a Cat

Today was the coldest day I've encountered so far since the start of my relationship with Sylvia.
Sylvia is my car - we were joined in a civil union in August.

She started right up like a champ - but when I backed out of my parking space and turned to manuveur out of the alley - I swear I heard a faint 'Mew'.

As I turned onto the street (a right turn) she Mew'ed again.
Oh, it's too cold for her! I felt so bad - but I didn't really have time to let her warm up.

I spent a few hours out - and when I started her again to go home - more Meows.

It's kind of cute. I always wanted a cat but I'm allergic. This car is such a blessing.


Ronnica said...

This is why I'm glad I live in a warmer state. =)

TRS said...

Kansas? Seriously?
I've always thought that Kansas and Nebraska were pretty similar in terms of weather. With Kansas being a bit warmer by the sheer fact that's an inch further South... and Colorado (at least the Denver portion of Colorado) is warmer than Nebraska from Oct through March - for sure.
Nebraska is hotter in the summer.