Friday, December 05, 2008

Party Girl

My Condo building is having a little Holiday Mixer tomorrow night. Isn't that nice?

To help out, I went to my party closet and got... wait, you don't know this term 'party closet'? Seriously?

Well, friends. A party closet is where you store all the goodies you keep on hand to throw any last minute party with very little shopping or preparation. A really good party closet is magic. Mmm hmmm. Magic. The magic of a party closet is its reproductive quality. You always put in more than you take out. For example, right now I have a half liter of Bacardi Rum in the party closet. By the end of my next party, it's safe to say there will be at least one unopened bottle of rum in it's place. It's a special kind of magic.

Okay. Now that you know what a party closet is (I'll wait here while you go organize a shelf to make room for your own party closet) I can tell you that I pulled out two pretty bins with which to ice drinks - a couple tablecloths - stacks of glass dessert plates to accommodate appetizers (I hate using paper plates - we should toss them in the landfill cuz I'm too lazy to wash?) - and a flat of wine glasses to contribute to this little party.

While digging around in there, I also reacquainted myself with BBQ skewers - birthday candles - clip-on tablecloth weights for outdoor dining - wine glass stakes for lawn-level entertaining - various decorations and a variety of other party goodies.

Suddenly I realized that I am more than prepared to throw a party at a moments notice. I remembered how I've done it before.

One summer I hosted a party that fell on my birthday - I had been traveling for months for work - neglecting my social life - and thought, since I would be home on my birthday I might as well get everyone in one place so I could see them. During the party, everyone speculated about what to do on July 4th... just a few weeks away... and I said, if you all come back I'll have the party here. Ta da... everyone was happy to return! No planning involved!

I also realized that I did not throw a party not once while I was dating Mr. Burns. That may have more to do with the fact that I was unemployed for most of our relationship, and unwilling to spend money on party food and drinks -- but it does have something do to with the fact that I mentioned a number of times that we should throw a party together -- and he never wanted to go out on that limb.

I sort of regret that he never got to see my fabulous hostess side.

I have been planning though - that once I got a job I was going to throw a party! Once I replenish my bank account with a paycheck or two... that's just what I'm going to do.


Anonymous said...

Dear TRS,

I am a single Christian woman from Singapore and I happened to chance upon your blog the other day. I just wanted to say what you shared about love, family, friends and work touched me greatly. It came at a time when I felt I was struggling with many of the issues that you identified and didn't know how to articulate those feelings and thoughts. You are a beautiful and funny person and I believe God has a beautiful love story in mind for you (no matter how things may appear for)-- one that is truly "un-settling". Blessed Christmas to you!

Bobbi said...

I've never heard the term "party closet", but I know what you're referring to. I hear it mentioned in Cosmo and Glamour all the time about keeping things on hand for those spur of the moment parties.

I think I'll be making one of those today!

TRS said...


I stole the term from a friend who told me about her 'Magic Party Cooler' - every time she took her cooler to a softball game, she came back with more beer and soda than she had in the first place!

So I started my party closet and darn it if the same thing didn't happen! I always end a party putting more in my closet than I purchased in the first place.

One of those loaves and fishes things I think - if you give from your heart - with joy - to entertain your friends and family - you'll just get back more of what you gave!!!

There's a lesson there I'm sure!