Thursday, February 26, 2009


The quest for the perfect pair of jeans... forget it... a pair of jeans is excruciating. I can't even tell you how long I have been looking for a pair of jeans. I think it comes close to two years. Not kidding. My old reliable pair is about to lose the riveted button from wear - and you know once that's gone, there's no replacing it. I have to find jeans now.

I buy maybe a pair of jeans a year, probably even less. I'm learning I might as well spend more money on jeans - cuz that breaks down to something like .0000001 cent per wear! There was a year that I had great success at TJM*xx and bought 2 or 3 pairs. There have been times that it was way easier (and more relaxing) to search for a bathing suit than it was to find jeans.

It must be hard for everyone because I'm a size 3 with a teeny tiny butt, and from what I read and hear, that's supposed to make it easy. I am here to witness to you - it doesn't. It just goes to show that everybody has their challenges.

And I'm picky. I hate the jeans with faded streaks at the hips or other accent points. Can they please stop doing that?! Please. I don't want jeans that have strategically placed rips, strategically patched or stitched over. Please. I'm a grown up and I might want to wear my jeans to work on occasion, without looking like I walked out of some hip hop video.

That is the special challenge of my size, I only fit in the jr's department. Hard to look like a grown up when you're wearing teenager's clothes! Everyone says they would love to have that problem - okay - how about you walk in my shoes for 30 years and then check back with me?

You might have guessed that I am here to announce that I found a pair of jeans! Yay me! Luck of lucks, they were at M*cy's in the high fashion section - marked down from $120 to $39.99!! Good thing too because I have to take them to the tailor for hemming. Cost estimate to come...

I can't find the exact jeans to show you but they look a lot like this:

Ahem... my butt does not look like that.

I love the trouser style. Grown up. Stylish, but conservative enough for this nearly middle-aged woman to wear to work once in a while. Lucky me. And yeah... there was only one pair left on the rack. Boo.

While I'm at it, let me show you the super-cute, yellow peep toe heels I found for $14.

and the silver strappies for $15. Awesome!

Oh, and remember when I was looking for the perfect winter nightie? I ended up with this beauty from G*P B*dy. Not bad eh?

Just doing my small part to help the economy.
Now if only it were spring so I could get out of these winter clothes and start wearing those yellow shoes!!!


Rachel said...

love the little yellow peep toe shoes. And I hear ya about the jean struggles. Even my hubby has trouble finding 'adult' looking for jeans. Have a beautiful day!

Gail and Keith said...

A girl can't have too many pairs of shoes! And, paired with those great jeans you bought and a stylish've got the perfect outfit for work! Don't ya just love designer bargains! Gail

Laura said...

I feel your pain.

My perspective comes from the other side of the aisle. I'm an 18w-20w (the "w" stands for "wide"), and am rather curvy. Which means that I have HIPS, and a comparatively small waist. I look best in jeans that sit just below my natural waist - not hip-huggers, but almost - and certainly NOT those ghastly "mom jeans" that go to your belly button or higher.

My problem is that when I buy to fit my HIPS, I can drive a Mack Truck through the gap at the small of my back. If I try to fit my waist, I can't pull the jeans up past my knees.


We won't even get into discussing the straight-vs-flare-leg issue, "fashionable" rips, ridiculous washes, or the pathetic material that passes for "denim" these days.

I've ended up buying my jeans almost exclusively from Wal-mart, simply because I can't find decent jeans, and I refuse to pay more than $20 for what I consider crap. But crap that I need.

Shan said...

Whoa. Mannequin's got back! I love the shoes. The jeans too. I never have a problem with jeans which is the nice thing about being tall and with short legs. The downside of that is...I'm tall with short legs. I am practically required to wear heals to create a balanced effect. Happy weekend!

Stacey said...

Ah, congrats on finding some great jeans! Such a good feeling!
I have two pairs of trouser jeans that I've picked up at different times from the Gap. I love them and wish I had a whole closet full.

Also wanted to tell you that I *LOVE* Gap Body. It's where I buy all of my unmentionables, and it is why my dresser drawers are overflowing with comfy pj bottoms. Great store! (I'm not being paid to say this.)

Blue Castle said...

Cute, cute shoes! Love the yellow ones especially. :)

Bobbi said...

Cute jeans!
I have a similar pair I got a Macy's too, but they have the front that looks like Sailor pants!

I love Macy's.

tootie said...

I can definitely relate. Jeans shopping can be just as tough as (gasp) bathing suit shopping. I'm in desperate need for a new pair of jeans, but I haven't found any that fit!

Glad you found a pair that you like!