Saturday, February 07, 2009

More Notes from the Sofa...

There is a fundamental quote hidden in the unlikely movie "The Object of My Affection".
The movie is about Nina (Jennifer Aniston) who falls in love with her best friend George (Paul Rudd) - who unfortunately for the love story... is gay.

Also unfortunately, Nina is pregnant and her boyfriend is a loser. She left him.
Hilarity does not ensue. It's a drawn out story of emotion as Nina watches everyone around her fall in love with someone else.

Here comes the line:

Nina's purse is snatched as she leaves the bus station. Six+ months pregnant and lacking everything in her purse - she has no way home. She ducks into a nearby police station where two handsome officers are ending their shifts. They take her report and one of them offers her a ride home.

Nina expresses her gratitude and the handsome cop says, "If I were married I would want someone to drive my wife home."
She reveals that she is not married, though obviously pregnant... and the conversation continues through the drive.

At one point she turns to him and says, "Oh, you are so nice. You should be married."
Handsome cop chuckles and says, "What? You think all nice people are married?"

That's right man. Testify!

Funny. That one little line validated me for today.
So often, I feel left behind. That I must be lacking something - if no one wants to take me as their bride and spend all his days with me.

If only I were a worthwhile person...

Of course I know that's not true. But it is hard when you spend every day of your life alone - come home from work to an empty house - and have no one in particular to call to share news or funny tidbits. No one to feel just awful for you because you are sick with the common cold.

It was just nice to be reminded that not everyone who is great is married.
It's not a reward. (even if society makes it feel that way)

And plenty people who are married are unhappy, feel stuck, feel lonely - and have no one to talk to.
And that's even sadder.


Song Lee said...

Wow, what a powerful blog, and I recognize with it so much. I feel the exact same way, even about those who are married and feel that way. It is sadder and would feel more hopeless. I really struggle with reminding myself that marriage is not a reward, or in my case, a fix-it. Good blog!

auntie said...

so true! hope you're feeling better :)

Anonymous said...

so true. my 2 sisters are in different phases of unhappily on the road to divorce. i'm very thankful that tho' i'm single, at least it's better from being in a horrible marriage.

i've found an interesting blog, let me know what u think:

Anonymous said...

thanks, glad were not the only one out there, hope ur feeling better. enjoy reading your blog.