Thursday, February 05, 2009

I Wrote Something... don't expect much

I'm sick.

Just the other day I realized all my friends and their children were battling colds. I thought to myself: "I haven't been sick in a while... how lucky."

And I swear I wasn't cocky about it. It got me anyway.

I just got the cold yesterday - so that doesn't excuse that I've only been to yoga two times in the past two weeks.

Today, I stayed home for the morning, intending to do what work I could from home - but went into work to do the things I have to do there. I think I'll do the same tomorrow - except I have to do the homework. Or I can tell my co-worker that I can't, and she will do it. We'll see.

Thing is, I'm 'on-call'/ 'freelance' which means I don't get benefits. No pay if I don't work. So I figured half a day's pay was better than none. Pppplllbtt.
My boss is out sick too.

My temperature is 101. Not alarming I know, but still very uncomfortable.

I really require sympathy when I am sick - so I called my mom. Her sympathy was half-hearted. Hard to summon the proper amount of pity when your daughter says. "I'm thick." It's too funny.

I called three friends for sympathy and none of them answered. None of them called back. Took every fiber of my being not to call Mr. Burns.

I know.... and I'm also a drama queen.

Lil' bit.


Shannon from KY said...

I understand - you just want to stay home in bed until you feel better. I spent 10 days last month with an ear infection and sinus infection. I hope that you feel better soon (today!!)Lord, please bring strength and healing. Thank You for always taking care of Your children. I'll keep praying.

Gail and Keith said...

While docs don't feel a 101 temp. is much of anything, because I normally have a low temp. even 99 makes me miserable. I have every kind of sympathy for you. Stay snuggled in bed or on the couch as much as possible. Being sick always reminds me to be thankful for all the days I have good health. It's so easy for me to forget and take it for granted. G

Rachel said...

Bummer dearie! I sure hope you feel better. I always watch episodes of What Not to Wear and HGTV when I'm sick. Then when I'm better I'm all motivated to throw out clothes and paint walls. Maybe my tv choices aren't all that great. :)

Krissie said...

I sympathize with you, and would return the favor of paying you a visit with some chicken noodle soup and a fresh box of kleenex.

Sorry you are feeling under the weather.

auntie said...

i know what you mean about needing sympathy when you're sick - i'm the same way. and good for you for being strong and not calling Mr. Burns. i know THAT feeling, too.

i'll be praying for you. i recommend an extraordinary amount of sleep to get over a cold. feel better!

Stacey said...

Oh man, I'm sick too! I always want my mom when I'm under the weather. :)

Sorry you're feeling bad & hope you're better soon!

TRS said...

Thank you. You all are so sweet.
I feel a little pathetic that I require sympathy so badly that I turned to the internets for it!

But you know, that's the great thing about this internet community.

For your entertainment.. I tried to link this video to the post but failed...
If you haven't seen Man Cold... you'll love it. Go here:

Anonymous said...

hi T!

i've been catching up. so sorry u've had the cold. i've also had it about 3 times since christmas. just last week my nose was sore from all the blowing again :)

i soooo understand what u mean about needing every ounce of your being not to call.applying that to other modes of communication, i really admire your self control and i think to myself that if you can, i can.

((hope you feel better soon))

debbie d. said...

woo sissy...I was home sick for an entire week (same as you, no work, no was painful) and aside from my mother and my friend in Florida (1800 miles away) no one called to check on me while I was home. Made me realize that I need to pony up more sympathy to others when they are ill and show them the love when they are sick.