Sunday, February 22, 2009

I've Been Tagged!

Bobbi tagged me in a purse Meme! I'm supposed to take a picture of my purse and all it's contents.
I have to admit that I chastised her a bit- because the inside of my purse was a wreck - and I've been looking for new purse for the latest Huge Purse trend. Oh - to shame myself with my old purse!

So here goes. This is my current purse. It's a Nine West that I picked up at either TJM*xx or R*ss - possibly a year ago.
I've received many compliments on it - but I'm over it now. We're in a recession - it's time for a huge purse! (Honestly, it's a sociological trend! When economic times are bad - purses get bigger and hemlines get shorter - I think. I may be confused on the hemline bit)

Here are the contents. Actually, it looked much less messy once I laid it all out. Apparently a purse inspection is great for organizing one's purse!

1 - My cell phone
2 - Pile of receipts
3 - Hair options. I carry them but rarely use them.
4 - Food Allergy list. I carry it for restaurant use, to show waitstaff when I'm selecting a dish. Yes, there are two categories, one=deadly; two=severe discomfort, potential anaplylaxis & hives!
5- My wallet. It's HOBO International. I just love it! Bought on vacation.
6 - another little wallet that snaps closed. This is where I keep my shopping club cards, gift cards and so forth.
7 - photo of a friends baby that she just gave me the other day. (the photo not the baby!)
8 - It looks like a matchbook, but it's actually a little pad of paper. Never know when you need to write a note.
9 - Claim ticket from the tailor. I took two belts in to be shortened.
10 - Also looks like a matchbook - rather it's a little case of small emery boards that tear out like paper matches.
11 - my work badge. It gets me into the courthouse without having to stand in line for the metal detectors!
12 - various business cards accumulated in the past month.
13 - spare car keys
14 -nail clippers. I always have splits that I must cut just to continue on with my day.
15 - my favorite gum. Eclipse, Winterfrost
16 - a little envelope intended to contain notes and receipts.
17 - Blistex - I can't go 40 minutes without reapplying & Buxom lip gloss - it was a free sample. I like it.
18- a pack of oil blotting tissues. Again, kept in my purse but never use them!
19 - mechanical pencil - I usually have a pen in there but not today.
So now that I've shamed myself with my purse contents - I have to show off my new huge purse!

Do you suppose that I love Orange? It's a brand called Emilie M. I have several bags from this maker - I always find them at TJM*xx & R*ss and I assume it's one of the makers that knocks off the high-end bags. Because these are never made of real leather and they are around only $19.99! I would rather have a selection of affordable bags that I don't mind getting tired of - than one expensive designer bag. But that's just me.

Here are both bags together to emphasize the size difference!

And I'm going to tag... hmm.... I'm dying to see Katie's bag and .... let's see... Melanie from This Ain't New York! (I happen to know she just went to Target! She got shoes, it's no stretch to guess she has a new bag.)


Katie said...

OK, I'll play along.

Bobbi said...

I love your new bag! I really didn't think it was orange until you put it against the other one.

Thanks for playing!

TRS said...

Yeah... in certain light it passes for Caramel.

Alicia said...

Interesting...I had no idea that purses get larger in tough economic times, but the hemlines do actually get longer instead of shorter. You generally see a more conservative style of dress across the board & the colors get muted & I think, boring...