Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Don't even...

Despite my better judgement, I still want to go see He's Just Not That Into You.
When the theory was first espoused on Sex and the City - it was indeed, revolutionary. My reaction was similar to Miranda's - what a relief! That's easy. Just move on.

I caught a bit of the Bonnie Hunt show one morning when I was home sick. She said that the phrase just rubs her the wrong way. How about, "He's just not mature enough to be good for anyone right now." she suggested, saying that "He's just not that into you - still lets guys off the hook and puts the blame on women."

I like her point. I suggested it to a few friends. Maybe he's not healthy enough for a relationship. Let's place the blame squarely on him shall we?

Then this weekend I spent time with one of my favorite guy friends. We are both having trouble finding love, and we are comfortable enough with one another that we can share our true feelings.

I told him Bonnie Hunt's theory. He had to agree it was valid.
I also told him how I'm too defeated to even go out anymore. That I figure I'm not going meet anyone dateable anyway, so why bother spending all that time blowing my hair out straight.

He laughed and made a play on the Deana Carter song title... "I Blew Out My Hair for This?"
I wish I could remember the other lines we came up with.
I shared some dating experiences - embellished for best hilarity - which reminded us both that I have enough material for a book. Then we started batting around titles, playing on "He's Just Not That Into You"

We settled on... Just.Don't.Even


Katie said...

Just had to comment and say that I saw it and was so disappointed! It had some cute and funny parts, but the disappointing part was that they romanticized one of the characters cheating on his wife. Made it seem cool and exciting. I just don't think that's cool.

Laura said...

My pet peeve? And maybe because I'm married, so the whole "he's just not into you" is a bit foreign, is Dr. Phil's favorite thing: "With men, you have to make the dots thick and black and then connect them with at Thick. Red. Line."

Please!!! That SO lets them off the hook. Makes it ok for them to go through life with their heads in the football game, and not listening to their women, while expecting the woman to spell everything out to them, as though they're too stupid to understand. Which they're not, they're just lazy.

Instead, it should be a whack upside the guy's head, and a firm, "Pay attention, dummy!!"

Bobbi said...

You've been tagged!

PaulaW said...

I was thinking about going to see it. I've read the book. It was reccommended to me (if that tells you anything about poor pitiful me!) LOL.