Monday, August 16, 2010

They Get Me Every Time! that is.

I go there to order something that I can't find here... and they suck me in with their Supersaver Shipping!
Orders over $30 can qualify for free shipping - so I'll easily spend an extra $5-$10 to save $5 in shipping. Who wouldn't? Kikr and I both get sucked into this one.

So today, I went to Amazon to find refill razor blades that I suspect have been discontinued just to make my life more difficult. I have two (COUNT THEM, 2!) Schick Silk Effects razors... but now their refill blades seem to be discontinued and replaced with Intuition - whose blades don't fit the Silk Effects. Well, considering that I am broke... I'm not about to buy a whole new shaving system. Plus, I've always been happy with Silk Effects. Plus, plus... what am I gonna do - just toss two razors into the landfill for no good reason?

Off to Amazon I go to get a supply of 20 blades which should last me a while. That's $22. Plus $5 shipping. If I spend $8 on something else, it ships for free and I would rather my money go toward something useful rather than to pay just to get it here. Also, they're going to put this tiny package of razors in a box at least twice it's size... let's make it worth the trouble!

I troll around, knowing I don't really need anything nor should I buy anything... so I decide on a copy of Selah's Christmas CD, titled Rose of Bethlehem. I already have it. It is my favorite Christmas CD EVER - because it's about GUESS WHAT - CHRIST!
I figure I'll want to give it as a gift to someone this Christmas so I may as well get it now!

And that is how I started my Christmas shopping in August this year!

What does Supersaver Shipping suck you into buying?


Rachel said...

Books. Always books. I. Can't. Resist. lol.

Jinxie said...

Books here too. I actually managed to get a free Prime account for now, and I don't even need the extra item. Still, I just ordered a chalkboard and chalk (for cute menu posting purposes, even if just for me), and I ordered a cookbook just for fun.


Genevra said...

I'm a sucker for books via of Amazon too. I signed up for the Prime account last summer, and I made good use of it ever since. I'm cutting myself off when it expires. Too tempting...

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Count me in on books, too.

Books are the only thing I can say I've never regretted buying!

But - hey - starting your Christmas shopping in August?!

You deserve a medal!


Anonymous said...

Ditto the books. But also CDs.
I also have little one to five dollar items on my wish list to get to the minimum.