Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I just shed tears for a Hollywood star. Someone I didn't know. Someone who hadn't crossed my mind since some silly 80s movie.

ABC News' Nightline just aired a story about former child actor Corey Haim.

He died from an apparent drug overdose - probably in the early morning hours of March 10th.

Sadly these days, we're not terribly surprised when stars fizzle out - or even snuff out their own lives. Even sadder, it's often fodder for entertainment programs and news programs to speculate on what happened, what could have happened, how it happens.

Two things impacted me in this story - which focused on what exactly is it about child stars that seems to end so tragically. One was an interjection from actor Kirk Cameron, of TV's Growing Pains. Cameron avoided the child actor curse he says, because when he was 17 years old he searched for what his life was ultimately about and then dedicated it to Christ. Now he acts in and produces movies and series that promote his faith in Christ.

As much as I admire his life's dedication, I always worry a little when he's interviewed for something like this... because I know that some viewers will dismiss him as some silly bible-thumper. But I am always proud of him for standing strong and proud.

What he said tonight (and I can't find a direct quote) made me realize that he found what many famous people just can't find because the trappings of this earthly world are far too intriguing when one has the money to obtain them.

The second thing that struck me... came at the end of the report when they noted that Haim had recently taken out an ad in Variety (the showbiz - insider rag that all directors, producers and other moguls subscribe to ) proclaiming that he was ready to work, ready to make amends.

That is what stemmed the tears. Here he was - working to clean up his life and ready to embark on whatever it takes to be productive. To do what he loves. To make up for what he had done poorly in the past. And he didn't get the chance.

It made me think... is this a life wasted? Or a life protected?

Maybe that's all the Lord needed to see. Corey Haim was ready to do it right.
Maybe that's all it takes to be released from the trappings of this earthly world.
Quite likely, the Lord relieved him of all those temptations.
"My child, you are ready. Come home. Let me show you what it really is all about. Let me relieve you of this pain."

So... to some child star I didn't know or care about (Although I did LOVE The Lost Boys!) congratulations on your homecoming. Lord knows this next life will be so much better.

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Alexis said...

Wow, TRS. Really beautiful and well put. Thank you for such a fresh, tender perspective. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow. This post was really, really touching. I actually like Kirk Cameron, and I think he is one of the few celebrities that is actually genuine in his faith. Much respect for him.

I have a post that I am planning soon about a reconciliation with my father... I think you will like it!!

TRS said...

What a great point T!nk... maybe that is why Kirk Cameron is more palatable than some of the other preachy types... because he is genuine.

I think when a celebrity professes their faith - there is a contingency out there that is just waiting to see them fall down or fail... have an affair... have a rogue child speak out against them.

But Cameron's faith is real - so neener neener TMZ/ Enquirer!!

I loved Fireproof! (a little cheesy but great overall message!)