Tuesday, February 02, 2010

And So it Goes

When I called my parents the other day, Dad had some news.

He finally went to see an attorney about drafting a will. (Gee Dad, ya think you should get on that at age 77?) He wanted to know what I thought about some of the provisions. My family doesn't have much money, but my parents want to be fair.

As Dad explained some of the terms, he paused and said, "Well, what's going on in your love life?"
(I have to laugh because my dad stays completely OUT of my dating life. He's so precious to have never taken a position about me ever getting married or not!!)

Me: "We just broke up."

He stepped over it as a simple piece of information and explained that, barring (or despite) any changes in my marital status he's arranged for anything to go to Mom first, then to us kids - and whether I would have a husband or not, when I'm gone my share would go to the grandchildren. My nieces, nephew and great-niece.

Is that okay with me?

Absolutely. That's exactly what I would have suggested.
Nice to know we think alike.

But then for a split second - I was sad that even in this stage of the game it's a foregone conclusion that I won't have a husband or children.


Mary said...


I'm so sorry that you broke up. I'm so angry with Mr Burns on your behalf. At least you now know he is NOT the one. But please don't despair - the one may still be out there. My aunt got married at 40 and is very happy. Also, many women give birth in their 40s. Sorry if this is cold comfort. You are a strong person and will get over this.

Genevra said...

:( Reading that last line made me so sad for you, for myself, or all the fabulous single women and men I know who would love to get married and create an awesome family.

Don't hate me, but I do think Mr. Burns was The One while you were dating him. I read once that there is no Mr. Right, because there is no Mr. Wrong. There is only the person we are in a relationship with at that time and the perfect lessons we have to learn during that time.

He may not have been the one for you to marry and have children with, but he was the one to help you prepare for the one you will have that with. You are now just one step closer. All the same I hope he gets a flat tire.

Anonymous said...

I read your blog quite often and you lift me up because you are single and there aren't that many single blogs out there, I read alot about MOM blogs, and it gets me down quite often. I was married for 10yrs and divorced and no children, I have 5 sisters they all have children and so do my friends. I always seem to feel left out. IM 49 and still hoping even if it is too find someone just to share what life God gives me on this earth, then I think he is giving me a good life, a Christian family, and extended family, and they have included me in everything, although it never helps the loneliness once in awhile. But, I was always told never question,you will find someone as we all will, I know how you feel and thank you for sharing, it's good to know that Im not the only one there are more people out there. As one of them said, it will happen and I believe it.