Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Resolutions I Can Stick To!

I have a history of Epic Fail when it comes to New Years Resolutions. So mostly I just don't.
Actually, I make the typical goals of exercising more, getting back in shape, eating better and being kinder - but those are just goals; no point making it a resolution - I should be doing it anyway.

So I find that I'm opting for a friendlier, more fun form of resolution. The kind I can stick to - and can still consider self-improvement because it makes me look and feel better even if I'm not getting into better shape!

It started last year when a quick inventory of my closet revealed this:Oh yes, that's a lot of clothes. I was initially impressed with the variety until I realized every single thing is Grey, White, Cream, Black or Brown!!! A closet full of neutrals! Oh the shame!

I did some introspection and realized that I tend toward neutrals because I want everything to go with everything. But a closet full of neutrals doesn't really work. It's pretty boring. (please note: the two striped items are new additions - to be explained later. and yes I realize they are grey and white and black and white!) Bah!

So for 2009 my goal was to infuse color into my closet. I don't know why every time I find something that is just adorable - it's always grey or black! Why is that?!
A year later - here are my additions:
The reds were already there, as were the green and teal blue sweaters.

From Blah to Bright
For 2010 my goal is to explore patterns and accessories. I'm getting inspired by fashion bloggers like Clothed Much, Have a Cute Day and Infinite Whimsy. I really need to jazz things up!

You see, I'm a little afraid of patterns and prints. I think because I'm fairly tiny ~ and because I feel my face doesn't have strong features... I'm afraid I'll disappear in a pattern or print. (My friends assure me this is crazy, but still it's how I feel. )

So that's how I ended up with one striped t-shirt and one striped cardigan - My first print purchases of 2010!!! Really branching out there.

Accessories are another story.
My parents taught me to be frugal and so I've viewed accessories as unnecessary. When you limit your clothing purchases to under $20 an item - belts and jewelry often double the cost of an outfit - so I never bothered to get any.

I have 5 new belts now - and I know another reason why I didn't buy any for most of my life... THEY NEVER FIT!! I've taken 3 belts to the tailor to shorten from the buckle end... and they still don't fit right. Basically you have to decide if it's a belt you are going to wear at the waist or below your waist. One belt cannot do both jobs. That's not very versatile, therefore I just skip it!

Even my shoes are a little too practical. I want them to go with everything so I don't stray too far from the mainstream. Smart - but a bit boring. My personality is NOT this tame. One of the best compliments I ever got was a co-worker's wife who said my outfits were always so cute... "If you had any money, you'd be fabulous!"

Here are some of my new outfits combining old standbys - new punches of color - and accessories!!
White tuxedo ruffle T - from the Gap
Yellow Cardigan - TJMaxx
Grey Skirt - Target
Belt - TJMaxx
Black boots - TJMaxx

Tweed Jacket - $7 at Dillards 4 years ago
Green turtleneck - Tweeds $19 at TJMaxx
Black Skirt - Shade Clothing
Belt - ditto
Boots - ditto

White button down - had for ages
Teal sweater - Charlotte Russe
Brown pants - Candies from Kohls
Belt - purchased in my college years (1990)

Brown Boots - years old from Ross

Let's see what happens this year! I'll post updates - feel free to critique some of my choices. (praise preferred!)


Kelley said...

Yeah for you! I love color! Now the belts...I need lessons. I love how you are wearing them. I never know what to do with them other than put them through the belt loops on my jeans. Then the buckle sticks out and makes me look like I have a tumor growing under my shirts. So. I typically don't wear them.

But I'm all over the jewlery! I have been able to get some great pieces here in Guam. There's a gift shop on base that sells them cheap as well as several ladies on base make things and sell them at very reasonable prices.

Have fun with it!

TRS said...

I agree, belts at the pant waist seem to add bulk from the wearer's perspective - don't they? I think they are not as bulky from other people's point of view.

But still, I'll tend to avoid belts at the pant waist until I can whittle my tummy. They are very flattering if one has a very flat tummy and it's an accent.

Tricky. So tricky.

Hello Guam! Say hi to all the military folks there! My friend was there too long and too often!!!

Rachel said...

Two words for you- super cute!!! That's my opinion. Can't wait to see what you do with jewelry added.

J said...

I absolutely need to do this too! And I agree about belts. I just cannot get the hang of belts.

Steamed Dumpling said...

Cute! I can't believe you got all those pieces for such great prices! I have the same problem with belts not fitting. I'm lucky/unlucky to have very small ribcage and waist. I love the look but find it hard to find belts that fit and versatile as you have said. I so think you should go for pattern. Can't wait for an update and thanks for sharing.

Stacey said...

I have never quite been bold enough to try out the belted look, but you sure are pulling it off! I love it! And I love the new colors in your wardrobe!

P.S. I gave you an award on my blog :)

Anonymous said...

you are fabulous.

Genevra said...

Oh my gosh! I love it. Fashion show.

I love the outfits with the pop of color.

And hello! Wear those belts, because I have no idea what tummy you are referring to. You look fabulous and it's not just because you are wearing one of my favorite accessories, sassy black knee high boots.

I'm totally impressed with your killer shopping instinct when it comes to good deals. Sadly, I lack that. I also have a hard time saying no to buying accessories when I get invited to those jewelry parties that are all the range among my circle right now. Oops.

You look great!