Thursday, March 05, 2009

4 X 4 Photo Phun!

Maggie tagged me!

Considering my love of photography it was not hard to comply.

Here are the rules: go to your computer and open the fourth photo folder, then click on the fourth photo and post it. Put in a little explanation of what it is and then tag four other people.

I really had no intention of cheating... but the fourth folder was full of photos I did for a 'customer' and I didn't feel right putting that up without a release. So I figured, maybe I'd go to the 5th folder, but that was also of a photo session for a friend. Same issue.

So I settled on file #3 ...

This is my Dad's 75th Birthday party. We held it in the indoor arena on our family ranch. My brother hired a guitar duo to play all evening, and this was just after a round of 'Happy Birthday'. Here you see a bunch of my relatives and family friends. That is just a fraction of the crowd. Dad said he felt like he was at his own funeral! All the people!

That's my dad in the cowboy hat and suspenders. My mom is the light brown head right under dad's head, clapping in the tan toned shirt.

For the sake of spontaneity, and fairness I counted down four more files and the fourth photo there is...

The final odometer reading on my car that died an unexpected death last August.

RIP Gracie.

So... who to tag? I'll start with Keli - and as she is a photographer I'll give her a pass on any client photos but I'm guessing her hard drive is more organized than mine!

And Bobbi... and... Ronnica they are both sure to have something fun. Finally... hmmm someone new who is following my blog... Oh I know... this will be exciting because of her exotic locale... Caribbean Shulamite!!!
Watch... she'll find a picture of her bathroom or something.

Have fun!


Maggie said...

What a fun photo! That sounds like it was a great night for everyone. Thanks for playing along with me.

Ronnica said...

Thanks for the tag. I've done this in the past, but with 6s and I have all my pictures on my dinosaur computer, so I'm going to pass.

Anonymous said...

Oh I feel like a let down given my 'exotic locale' and all, lol.

I put some pics up tonight. Look fpr my post called 'Old Pics' :D