Monday, March 16, 2009

Who Will Announce Spring?

I am chomping at the bit for spring around here. We've had some warm days mixed in with the pull-out-the-heavy-coat days. Today was a warm one. Praise the Lord.

After work, I went for a few laps around the small walking path in the park a block over.
Between my condo building and the park is a medical building with a small parking garage. For the past five years the grounds were overgrown and downright neglected. Among the growth is a lilac bush. My favorite.

Even the lilac bush, when it blooms, looks a bit worse for the wear. There is evidence that every passer-by, including me - tears a bloom or two away. I know this because when I go over with my shears, I have to clip the gorgeous fragrant blooms from the top. There are no blooms anywhere but the top.

It's too early for blooms here. Leaves haven't even started their struggle to the ends of the branches.

Today as I walked home from the park, I noticed that the landscaping around the parking garage was really spruced up. Much pruning is evident.

As I approached, I kept a keen eye out for the lilac bush. In the past, all the bushes sort of grew together, and I had to discern now which one was the prize.

When I determined the bush, I realized... someone really hacked it up! I wondered if the person who wielded the shears even knew it was a lilac bush. It's half the size it was!!!

Now I wonder - will the pruning push forth more blooms? Or will it take a few years before it's ready to get it's bloom on again?

Is my harbinger of spring even capable of making the announcement?

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Katie said...


Lilacs need to be pruned to stay healthy. They can grow wild and woolly and get out of control.

However, they should be pruned just after they bloom and shouldn't just be hacked to pieces.

If it's a mature bush (and it sounds like it is) it will probably be alright. In my experience, they're really hardy if they get entrenched.