Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What a Crazy World We Live In!

Well... I went ahead and sent an email to cartoonist Greg Evans. The man behind the Luann Comic Strip.

I wanted to express my support for this panel that appeared last Sunday:
I wrote about it here.

Well guess what... he emailed back.


Amid the disapproving emails,
it's nice to get yours!


Who would email a cartoonist to criticize him for pointing out that NOT everyone is doing it?!!

I'm shocked! People are idiots.

I mean... I can see where some people accept the fact that some teens are sexually active. But to criticize abstinence in action?!?! Mind boggling!

I also understand why some people disapprove of abstinence only education, but to criticize someone for presenting abstinence as an option?!? Dumbfounding.

Sounds like Mr. Greg Evans could use some more support. Do you believe in abstinence? Let him know and thank him for speaking to teens in a way they can understand.

I'm sure some teens are relieved to know it's okay to be a virgin - and okay not to roll over and have sex just because 'everybody's doing it'.


Anonymous said...

I wrote him a word of thanks for expressing his views on abstinence.


TRS said...


He wrote me again after I expressed my shock over the opposition... and he said it appears 'sex' is a hot button issue especially in the Sunday funnies - and people react without really thinking... that's the sort of comments he was getting.
So maybe he didn't get flaming dog poo comments - but still.

Also... after a google search - I see that he provides Luann content for what appears to be abstinence education literature.

This man deserves more of my support!
I always found the strip rather charming - but knowing Evans supports Abstinence Ed - well, Luann ROCKS!!

Ronnica said...

I emailed him too, thanks for the info. If people are not okay with sex being mentioned in Sunday comics, then they need to rag on some other strips...