Wednesday, September 03, 2008

And Just Like That....

And just like that... it's Fall.

Mr. Burns mentioned it on Sunday, the last day of August. He said, "It seems as soon as it's September it's Fall."

Labor Day was still rather hot but... Tuesday - Boom!
That fall chill is in the air. Welcome to Colorado folks.

The one downside to living in Colorado, in my opinion, is that summer is so short.
In Nebraska - where I grew up and spent the majority of my adult life - it's usually good and warm until mid-October.
One doesn't have to carry a jacket along for the day until at least October 10th.
In Denver, boom... it's September 2nd and I need a fleece hoodie. At noon!

The trade off of course is that the fleece hoodie is good pretty much until mid-December - whereas in Nebraska you pull out the parka in mid-November and keep it handy until well into March!!

At least that's how I remember it. You know, absence makes the heart grow fonder and all.


Krissie said...

Just this morning I twittered about how it was supposed to be in the 60's and raining all day, and how in CA we would have called that winter, but here it signals the beginning of fall.

To celebrate I'm wearing a new 3/4 sleeve light sweater!

Katie said...

I think fall here last about a second and then it starts snowing.

But then, I love fall the best and wish it woudl stick around for 3 full months at least.

TRS said...
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TRS said...

Meant to say: Katie you experience more snow because you are in Boulder - in the foothills.
Denver gets 2/3s less snow/ fewer snow events than anyone in the foothills.

Anonymous said...

Wow real seasons. You don't get that in North Texas. It's summer and a little hotter than summer.


TRS said...

Oops.... wrong Katie. I didn't check and just went with what I assumed. And you know what that means!

ValleyGirl said...

Yep, Nebraska sounds pretty much like the Canadian prairies ~ only we've got the parkas out in October already and usually use them into April. Gross.

We had a very abrupt entry to fall too this year. August 30th was HOT and sunny (like, WAY above normal!), the 31st was comfortable and a bit cloudy, and the 1st was cold and rainy! It's finally starting to warm up a little again now.