Sunday, September 14, 2008

Why You Little...

Sometimes I just have to accept that getting my reusable, cloth grocery bags into the car is success in itself. At least I can always run back to the car for them.

During my last trip to the grocery store, I had ultimate success. Remembering to bring all 4 bags along into the store with me.

The cashier and I traded small talk. He (like most grocery clerks) agreed that most people manage to get their cloth bags to the car but not always into the store. Then for some reason the conversation turned to the bags themselves. Durability most likely... and I pointed to the most colorful one in my little collection.

I mentioned that I've had it for years. I got it as a freebie at some Earth Day event when I was in college.

"Oh I know." he said, "I had the same one for a while." Then he added, "My mom had it when I was a kid."

I glared at him. Then I shamed him a bit for proving my age!

"I got it in college and then you tell me you were a kid! How rude!"

He laughed. And hung his head a bit.

As we finished the transaction and he gave me the obligitory, "Thank you for shopping at Safeway Miss TRS."

I answered, "You're welcome... pipsqueak."

"I deserved that." came his reply.


Amanda said...

That's a really neat bag! I always mean to bring mine in...but, like many others, can't manage to bring it into the store.

Thanks for stopping by my blog last week!

Anonymous said...

I've wanted to get a few of those bags and try them out. Most big stores sell them for a dollar now. It makes sense for them. Make 50 cents profit and you don't have to spend money on plastic bags ... well at lest not as much. How many do you need for a typical week of groceries?


TRS said...

I'm not a good judge of bag to food quantity ratios for a couple of reasons.

1) I'm terrible at grocery shopping.

2) I'm single so I only shop for me - and I don't cook.

3) I have 4 cloth/mesh bags of varying size/capacity. And those four are all I need.

But with that said, I would start with four - and see how that works for you.
If possible, skip the ones at the grocery store which are about the consistancy of a tissue hospital gown... and go for a nice canvas bag with webbed nylon handles.

Exhibit A - the bag in the photo. Sure I've had it for about 15 years - but truth be told I didn't really use until the last 3 years or so. But I guarantee it's sturdy and will last for YEARS.

Also, go to - and search the archives in the re-nest section for grocery bags. They have links to a wide variety that are packable, ripstop and so forth.

Here's a link that I have considered: