Monday, September 08, 2008

Overheard At Target


11 year old girl to mom: "You know, I haven't had lunch yet."

Mom: "You had those cheesesticks. That was lunch."

Seriously? Look lady, you are part of the problem! Can I send you about a million articles on nutrition , childhood obesity, and childhood diabetes?

Even better... she gets to reproduce and I don't. Life is NOT fair!


Ronnica said...

What can I say...I had cheesesticks for lunch myself. =) That said, I do NOT want to pass on my eating habits to another and am working on reforming them.

Krissie sent me your way. Nice to "meet" you!

TRS said...

Glad to meet you Ronnica!!

Sure... I'll eat cheesesticks and call it meal now and then too - but you can't tell an 11 year old that it's lunch!
My mom would have said, "I told you those cheesesticks weren't a good lunch. Let's get you a banana or something to tide you over to dinner."

Anonymous said...

I would reproduce with you but I had a vasectomy. Maybe you and I can share a cheese stick?


Anth said...