Thursday, September 11, 2008

I Need Your Help With My Feet!

Fall is one of the toughest times of the year for me. Transition time.

Transitioning to cute, light fall jackets is no problem. My agony lies in the shoe department.

This will be the third fall in a row where all I find in my closet are cute open toed sandles and strappy heels .... and... knee high boots with 3 inch heels. Not much of a transition. I need something somewhere in the middle.

But all I find in the stores are chunky loafers sporting what appear to be tire treads on the bottom, or modest little old lady style shoes that look like they originated in the principal's office (or the convent).

The loafer just doesn't seem to cut it for me. For some reason I don't seem to like them. Almost everything else I see is a flat Mary Jane - which seem to oddly expose way too much sock! And every last one of them is uncomfortable. I try them on and they won't stay on my feet!

I scanned the latest InStyle Magazine (fashion bible) - and all I saw were open toed shoes and knee high boots. So at least I know I'm fashionable - but I still want something 'practical'.

The additional challenge is - I'm really low on funds right now so I'm looking at Ross and TJMaxx - hoping to stay between $15 and $35.

Last night I found these Mary Jane heels.
I think they look kind of cute with jeans and slacks and of course skirts - but I worry they are a bit too 'Last Year'. After all, I didn't see a single pair of Mary Janes in this fall's InStyle.

What are you wearing this fall? Show me pictures. I need help!!


Katie said...

Ohhh, those shoes are so cute! I don't worry about what's trendy, I just go with what I like. So I say go for it! I want a pair similar to those, though I prefer brown.

TRS said...

hee heee.. they are brown! The picture turned out dark.

TRS said...

oh and Katie... they are Madeline Stuart... I found them at Ross. In my experience the same products tend to go to stores all over. Go check. They were only $14.99!

ValleyGirl said...

Those shoes are infinitely cuter than anything I own. And for $14.99, who cares if they're "last year"??!! (wow, is it just me, or do I totally sound like a tightwad?!)

In answer to your questions about the grain sausage stuffer, the grain stored in the bags is already dry. If they'd put wet stuff in there, it would just rot. If it's not combining dry enough off the field, they just move what's in an already dry bin into the bag so that they can put the wetter stuff in bins with aeration fans. The bags are in place of bins or silos, yes. They're good for expanding farms or bumper crop years when new bins aren't really necessary. They're significantly cheaper! The sausages just lie where they are until they are emptied by a special extractor. Hubby's boss's extractor hasn't arrived yet, but I'll likely give another farm lesson, complete with tourist pictures, when it does!!

Anth said...

Those are just fine! Totally cute. Menswear is WAY in for this fall.

Imo, you should definitely add Lucky magazine to your fashion scriptures. They give 30+ examples of the primary fashion trends so you can really get familiar. The only annoyance is all examples are only! 500! dollars! But at least then you'll recognize the on-spot knockoff when you see it at Ross.

Blue Castle said...

Those look just like the shoes I see all over this fall. VERY cute! I love them. :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)