Thursday, August 29, 2013

7 Quick Takes #4

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You know when you find yourself bored with work, undervalued and under-appreciated and you're justthisclose to think about really, seriously quitting? 
And then you come back to work from a few days off and your door code doesn't work and for a moment you think, "Gee, I hope I'm not fired!"

Thankfully you learn that it's not you... it was the coworker who was just difficult enough to get along with that their existence makes work that much harder! Then after a week or so, you realize work without them in the mix is SOMUCHBETTER! Yay. 
That happened to me last week. 

Suddenly, my job is more enjoyable again, my ideas are considered and valuable, and my reliability is reinforced.

Yes, I'm saying sometimes the best thing that can happen is someone else getting fired. Sorry for them. I've been unemployed, I know how rough it is. She's married though, she'll survive, there are two of them to earn a living. 

I suppose I may get pounced on for that, but let me explain. I've been through layoffs. I've gone years at a time unemployed or underemployed, not for lack of trying or talent. 
When layoffs were announced, I always thought, it would only be fair if they lay off the married people and not the single people. It's much easier for one of two people to find work than for one of one people to find work.  That's just odds talking people! 

I mean, a single person can only take one full time job And you can only work so many part-time jobs at once. (Actually I know from experience, the limit is two. I tried having three part-time jobs at one time... scheduling is a nightmare!) Two people can have a total of four part-time jobs!  

Funny thing during Thursday's workout, our trainer started us out on the rowing machines - which are not my favorite. I don't know how to pass the time on those. I don't have that kind of drive and motivation that makes me want to excel and row really hard and really fast. What?
I end up counting my rows - but the automatic display shows how many meters you're "moving" - so then I'm counting, but the numbers in front of me don't match up to my counting... and that could make my head explode! 
How am I supposed to get through this?!?  Suddenly it came to me, why not pray the Rosary? Guess what, it worked! I'd take a stroke, "Hail Mary, full of Grace." release back in, "The Lord is with Thee." take another stroke, "Blessed art Thou among women." release back in, "and blessed it the fruit of Thy womb," stroke, "Jesus." 
Hmmm. 1000 Meters = two decades. 
Ten mysteries would be quite a workout!
More good news... this time in the grooming department. I have the puniest, most pathetic eyelashes you have ever seen. No mascara has ever really made a difference, because separating and defining short, puny, sparse lashes only makes them blacker, separated, but still sparse. 
Well, one day the mascara wand sort of skewed to the side and WHOA! All my few lashes were swiped to one side and look at that... it looks like more lashes! 
(I tried to draw an illustration for you but it was very very bad. So you can be thankful I didn't share!)
Amazing! How many years of mascara application did it take to figure this out? I hate to think about it and I'm not doing the math. 
So. Free tip for you. 

Then I went to a makeup counter for some new eyeshadows and shared my discovery with the gals there... and they were all, uh huh yeah. 
Wait! You knew this and no one told me?  Oh come on! 

Saw this hilarious video of protesting sheep on Jimmy Kimmel and he made the comment that this guy could run for office! 

I thought, "Gee, that looks like one particular political party to me!" 

Then the next morning, I was listening to my iCatholic Radio App which had a short commentary about references to sheep in the bible. Explaining that sheep know their shepherd's voice. They are not responding to words, nor to their name - only that they recognize the shepherds voice. 

Even being a farm and ranch kid, I never realized that. They know and heed his voice. It's so poignant, but it also reminds us, be careful who your leaders are. 

What I love most about the bloggy world is the great sense of community. 
I'm coming across more singles blogs these days - which is an answer to prayer. You can just feel so alone sometimes, with everyone blogging about back to school for their kids, about their homes and back yards, their husbands and vacations. 

This week I found Proverbial Girlfriend who also led me to a group of bloggers joined together for the Not Alone series. (whose origin I cannot find - but I know that I first found the Not Alone Series in Jen's 7QT to begin with, so maybe most of you already know about it.) That should be an ample selection of great, faith filled single girl bloggers. 

There are so many to select from, I could morph into my iPad if I didn't tell myself to go out and socialize! 
Let me know who you have found that speaks to you. Share your favorite singles bloggers and posts in my comments! 

On the other side of that (That being faithful single bloggers) - notes from the secular world!  I met up with some girlfriends the other night, and there are always some new ladies joining the group. I've noticed that the women associated with one woman in particular (who I've decided not to socialize with) seem to have the opposite attitude about s@x and dating as me. 

One woman who is almost 40 (I'm passed 40 myself) felt compelled to share the details of a one night stand she had with a hook up she met the very night she took him home. TO HER HOME! 

The more she said, the more I winced and covered my face! 

Now, I'm a loud, sarcastic girl - so when my friends see ME covering up in embarrassment, they KNOW I'm uncomfortable. It seemed no one knew how to shut her up! And I can't imagine anyone else was interested in these details. (who wants to hear about anyone else's s@x life?!!) I suspect she was trying to justify her behavior and get some kind of validation that she's normal and okay. 

I managed to stop myself, because my sarcastic side was about to say, "I've always wondered what kind of women do those types of things. I always thought it was fictional writing for TV and movies, but I guess there really are women like that. Thanks for opening my eyes. Now I see why so many men aren't looking for wives."  But I don't suppose that would have been gracious or charitable.  
On the other hand, it might have started a dialogue. 
But I can't imagine a soon to be 40 woman, engaging in that type of behavior is looking to change her ways in that department.
Ugh. Anyone know of a way to handle that kind of situation? Should I just get up and leave? Go hide in the bathroom?

Ending on a lighter note... Has anyone else noticed that selection at The G@P is rather bland lately? I tend to head straight to the clearance section, and all I find lately is button down shirts, and striped t-shirts. (not the cute striped t-shirts either) Oh well, I guess it helps me not spend money. 
Thankfully though, we finally have an H & M, which has a much more charming selection. I haven't figured out their clearance section process yet - but I will. 
Has anyone else had good luck there? What do you prefer? I do most of my shopping at TJMaxx. 

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Catholic Mutt said...

I have a good friend that has been known to hook up. Luckily, she does not find it appropriate to go into detail, but she was looking for me to get excited with her about a guy that she found and was sleeping with right away. Umm, what does she want me to say to that?

Christine Dalessio said...

I like your prayer workout :) I used to kill my 25 minute commute that way. There and back: 2 rosaries. Boom!

Anonymous said...

I wish my gym had row machines! Lucky. :) I hear you about Gap, I love that store but I'm finding the styles in general to be blah right now. I always buy work clothes from New York and Company and to me they never go old and I always find pieces classic enough I can wear them over and over without feeling too out of style. OR maybe that's because where I live, Carhartts and camo are the preferred taste. :)

Emily said...

I think you're on the right track about getting up and leaving. Criticizing her would not have been gracious or charitable.

MrsK86 said...

I know I'm late to comment on this (and I feel like I'm spamming your comments section lately haha), but I'd like to add something here... it is easy to judge someone with different views on morality and sexuality, but there could be any number of reasons why this woman engages in one-night stands and casual sex. Maybe she has an overwhelming need for male approval and validation, maybe she has an unhealthy relationship with her own sexuality due to abuse in the past, perhaps she is scared of emotional intimacy and therefore uses casual sex as a means of "protecting" herself. Perhaps her behaviour is an expression of emotional pain and inner turmoil... we don't know that unless we've walked in her shoes.

If you encounter such situations in the future, it's probably best to keep your comments brief, such as "sweetie, I don't really feel comfortable hearing about other people's sex lives" or something to that effect... a reasonable person should understand and respect that. If you catch yourself feeling bitter about the availability of sex for single men (and therefore no incentive to seek a meaningful relationship/marriage), just remind yourself that a man who engages in one-night stands on a regular basis is probably not a good match for you in the first place :-)

TRS said...

Never too late to comment!
Although after a week, the comments go to moderation, which is why you didn't see it right away.

Yes, I agree, all those things are likely in this woman's situation. I actually really felt bad for her.

I did think of saying that very thing... once I was out of the situation. I was SO uncomfortable in the situation. and quite frankly I just think a grown woman knows better than to share that kind of story in a group!! Did I mention our hostess' mother was in attendance as well!!! That was just too absurd.

I feel bad for her. Poor deluded thing.