Friday, August 16, 2013

7 Quick Takes - #2

Well that was fun... let's try it again! This really is good for me, because I tend to write long posts - even my Quick Takes aren't so quick - but I like being able to share several ideas!

This weekend is the 20th Anniversary of Pope John Paul II's visit to Denver for World Youth Day - I didn't live here then, I was in college in Nebraska and for some reason WYD wasn't even on my radar then.

Even so, I thought it would be really nice to go to the anniversary reunion events, if only to try to meet more Catholics in this city. I kind of live in a secular world in Denver. I do have Catholic friends, but those that are devout are married with kids, and those that are single seem to be barely Catholic - since it is so hard to live and date in a secular world. (You may have noticed how few single adults you see at Mass! I know. It's like we're invisible.) 

But of course, as is the way whenever there is a great Catholic-centric event, it occurs when I have non-refundable plans to go out of town! Seriously, Catholic Single's Conference? I was out of town. Sheesh the decks are always stacked against me!

So today, I take the shuttle bus to the airport, from off-site parking and as it pulls into the Ground Transportation Lane - I notice a swarm of people making their way across from the terminal to the Charter Bus lane. I've never seen so many people seeking ground transportation at the same time, and being the blabby person that I am, I make that observation aloud to others on the bus. (there were only like six of us.) 

Then I realized they were all headed to a couple charter buses and that it was probably a group tour or convention or something. Denver's all about that kind of stuff.
My next observation was also made aloud, "Oh look at that, they're all men. Of course, because I'm not going to be in town!" A couple ladies laughed at that. One said, "Well maybe you need to change your plans." "Oh no," I replied, "They're probably all married or gay." more chuckles.

Now, you should know that I tend to speak and think simultaneously. In fact, I think I'm especially gifted in that I often learn what I'm thinking by hearing it come out of my mouth! So the next thing that falls out of my mouth sounds like this, "With my luck, it's probably an Atheist's Convention." then for a second I thought, I might be talking to Atheists right here on the bus and I'm going to stir a hornet's nest! So I quickly added, "Because they're not for me either!" as if that would soften the blow!
To my relief, the woman next to me burst into a wide smile and laughed with her eyes, so I knew I had at least one comrade on the bus!

I'm visiting my family by the way. Staying with Mom for a few days and catching up with my brother, his wife, and the nieces and nephews -- and other relatives too.

 It's a shame all these people don't live at the beach. But Nebraska farm and ranch land is inviting and beautiful in it's own way. It's the rows and rows of deeply hued, emerald green corn in the fields. Nothing prettier on earth if you ask me.

It took me a whole week but I finally acted on my theory about my car stereo remote. I changed the battery and SUCCESS! Yeah, it took me a week because I can never remember to take the remote out of the car and up three flights of steps to my condo where the batteries are!

On one hand I feel a little stupid that it took me three weeks to realize that it wasn't the heat affecting the volume buttons. On the other hand, I realize if I had a husband, he would have shot down my theory in one conversation! My solace is in knowing that it probably would have taken three weeks to get the battery changed either way!

I was at my mom's house for twenty minutes before my nephew challenged me to an arm wrestling match. It was no contest, he whooped me AND GOOD. In no time flat. But he's nearly 15, tosses hay bales and ropes cattle so I think that's fair.

To redeem myself, I challenged aforementioned nephew to an endurance test. Plank position until fatigue induced failure! I take full responsibility for not instructing him properly.

I had no idea he was unfamiliar with Plank Position. He has a lot to learn! He had his arms way out in front of him instead of directly below his shoulders... and his feet only a foot-width apart instead of shoulder width. I doubt if that actually makes it easier, but he was hanging in with no problem while my muscles were flinching. I disqualified him. Then withstood the mocking.

My favorite snacking treat was waiting on Mom's kitchen counter when I arrived. It was a happy accident, because I didn't even try to describe Chocolate Covered Acai with Blueberries when she called to ask what kind of food I desired as she prepared for my visit. So this was a great surprise. They are so yummy. Please let me know if you can make a bag last for more than a day and a half! Because I cannot!
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Sue Zanna said...

#2 Ouch... awkward! But also funny! :-)

Jenny said...

#5 is so funny. Leave it to a teen boy to throw out a challenge!
3-2-1 Party

not a minx, a moron, or a parasite said...

#2 - you're hilarious! I think this is my first time to your blog...really enjoying it!

Catholic Mutt said...

#7 Those look wonderful! I have a current thing going for chocolate covered Goji berries. And they definitely don't last more than a day and a half... if that long. Enjoy the time with your family!

Julie Baldwin said...

Planks... so... hard...

But yes! He must learn!!! Way to be an awesome aunt. :)

RAnn said...

I remember those single days and it does feel odd to be in church by yourself all the time. Hope you find a good group to hook up with soon.