Thursday, August 22, 2013

7 Quick Takes - #3

Obviously, I didn't get a regular post in this week. I tend to get several ideas swimming in my head but no time to commit those ideas to writing. 
So here's another 7QT - Thanks Jen for hosting! 

A residual effect of my trip home to the family ranch is some crazy sore hamstrings. What the? 
I've been working out the past few months, at the office gym. With a trainer one day a week and with Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 the rest of the time. I've never had sore hammies before, so imagine my shock! 

I do have the tightest hamstrings in the world - so I think there's a chance they finally decided to loosen up after all my hard work. 
But another side of me thinks it's from a nice long walk in the pastures. 

Before I left, I walked out to see the colts (nothing like baby horses to love on!!!) then I walked about 2/3rds a mile to another pasture to pick some wildflowers. The grass was so tall, (just look where it comes up to on the horses!) I had to take big, reaching steps - and that's the only thing I can think that stretched my hammies so much. Oh well, I guess I'll take it! 

I'm so excited about a new grocery store in my neighborhood. There's a new Spr*uts a lot closer to my home than any other grocery store... and I love Spr*uts! 

I don't do all my grocery shopping there, but I really love much of what they offer. Now I don't have to drive what I consider "out of my way" in every possible direction to pick up a little something.
And in a few more months we get a Tr@der J*e's opening within walking distance of my home!  Walking distance people! SO excited. 

I hate grocery shopping with a passion, so anything that makes it easier is a blessing. Imagine, conveniently buying and eating produce without worrying it'll go bad before I get around to making a meal! 

I've been trying to up my fruit and vegetable intake. I even have a log book to track it. The goal is five servings a day - and as many colors as possible so I've been enjoying plums and nectarines. I think I prefer plums. They can be so sweet, and I think they have the best texture of all fruits. 
Speaking of fruit - am I the only one this fickle about bananas? They need to be perfectly yellow, not because I'm picky - but because too green is a certain kind of acidic that I don't like - and any degree of brown is another kind of acidic that really bothers my throat. I was explaining this to my mom, and of course it just sounds like I'm fussy. But I really don't believe in eating food that wants to hurt me. 

Oddly, at the Starbucks near work they consistently have bananas that are simultaneously green and brown spotted! How is that possible?!

A recent past/passed boyfriend found me on a dating site. He texted me about it. We're friendly, but not overly so. He seemed to think it was quite remarkable (obviously he's new to this) And pointed out that we were a 100% match. 
Sigh. I couldn't bear to tell him how many 100% matches I've encountered that are not matches at all.  Poor thing. He doesn't know what he's in for. He's a super nice guy, but very inexperienced in dating after his divorce.  (Post-Divorce Dating could be a whole other post!) 
I'm not active on any sites, but my profile is still up on a few of them. sometimes I think if I ever met someone significant... I wouldn't even know how to delete the profiles!!
Double sigh. If you're married and never had to online date... get on your knees right now and thank God. And while you're down there, pray for single adults! Please.
I like being Go-To, Miss Reliable. It was pretty short notice, when a friend asked if I could watch her two kiddos while she went to an orientation meeting at their school. We made it work, and it was fun to watch them climb at the park and yell, "Miss T, watch this!" when they did something tricky. I would applaud a daring jump or leap and the little one would run to me for a hug because she was feeling so successful!

The older kiddo is more challenging. She loves to test boundaries. Every slight offense on her person is considered egregious... even someone accidentally bumping her as they share an apparatus brings on crocodile tears. For the Love!

At one point I was getting the little one down from the counter in a public restroom, and her shoe struck the other girl's finger in the process and OH.THE.INJUSTICE! 

Tattling voice ensued... ohmyshekickedmyfingerwhaaaaaa! 

And I'm all, with equal parts sarcasm, detachment, and just enough concern: Really, does it hurt? Is it bleeding? Is it broken? Was it on purpose?  
No, no, no, and no. 
Well then, I suppose we're about done worrying about it. 

Felt pretty good when the other women in the restroom smiled at my tactic, and laughed when kiddo realized she had to shrug it off. 

On TV - I'm really loving Hollywood Game Night.  Hosted by actress Jane Lynch, who is quite a talented host - and two rotating couches of guest celebrities (and a commoner contestant on each team). It's pretty entertaining in the way that television was entertaining when I was young... in the days of Johnny Carson and Carol Burnett. Not quite that good, but this is pretty wholesome and family friendly for TV these days. 
One of my favorite games is Celebrity Fusion - where they merge two celebrity faces, who share one name... and give a hint like "Do you really want to hurt the sexiest man alive" which was of course Boy George and George Clooney. (not pretty) 
I'd love to figure out how to duplicate the games and have game night at my house. It could be a riot. 
Speaking of... I found a link to a review (up there) for the show and I must say that's a thorough review. I guess I recommend that too! 

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Catholic Mutt said...

#3- Fruits and vegetables are hard work and go bad so easily... But it's amazing how good I feel when I eat enough. Keep working on it.

#5 So. True.

Jenni said...

I'm loving Hollywood Game Night as well!