Saturday, April 24, 2010


I've been applying to 5 jobs a week every week this year - waiting out a decision from the regional manager at my part-time job. (come on - decide already!)

There are very few job openings for my skill set. It's very frustrating.

This week, I found an opportunity to photograph babies every day and be paid well for it. I've been accepted through first round qualifications.
I must supply my own camera and laptop. (I don't have a laptop but it's about time for me to make that investment anyway)

And, if I am selected for training, I have to be available for a full week, a week from now - with my camera.

Guess what? Two days ago I sent my camera away for cleaning and maintenance. It doesn't come back for four weeks.


(I figure I can rent or borrow a camera if it comes down to it.)

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